P2V (Physical-to-Virtual) Conversions in Hyper-V

18 Aug 2016 by Eric Siron     0

As virtualization has become the norm, the need for physical-to-virtual conversions (P2V) has begun to decline for many of us. There are still a great number of legacy systems waiting their turn to be transferred. There are also many administrators inheriting systems from exiting staff that avoided virtualization right up to the bitter end. Whatever your situation, this article is for you.


How to get your Hyper-V Dynamic Memory Configuration Right

14 Jun 2016 by Eric Siron     0

 If it weren’t for the fact that we don’t fully utilize the hardware in systems that we buy, virtualization would never have reached the level of normative practice that it enjoys today. One resource that has traditionally been over-purchased is memory; it’s always better to have too much memory than too little, but it’s not good to have far too much. The struggle has always been in determining the point of “just enough”. While there is no certain way to achieve balance, Hyper-V’s Dynamic Memory feature can help to reduce the amount that is wasted. As with many solutions, it isn’t always the appropriate tool to use. Unfortunately, that causes some people to avoid it entirely. To not use Dynamic Memory reduces the effectiveness of virtualization as a solution. But, using it properly can be a challenge. This article will provide some pointers for effective implementation. What is Hyper-V Dynamic… Read More»


10 Best Practices and Strategies for Hyper-V Dynamic Memory

03 Jun 2016 by Eric Siron     4

  One of the promises made by virtualization is that hardware will be more efficiently utilized. We see that most strongly with CPU, where even the processors on densely packed hosts tend to have more free cycles than not. Memory is at the opposite end of that spectrum. It exhausts so quickly that it almost always defines the limit for the number of virtual machines on any given host. Your best tool for keeping memory consumption tamed is careful management — which, as we all know, is mostly a pipe dream. Precision management requires time that few administrators have and leaves no room for error or growth. Therefore, we must instead turn to a readily available tool: Dynamic Memory. It does not absolve of us the responsibility of due diligence and proper management, but it can turn this:   Into this:   Dynamic Memory allows you to get more usage… Read More»