Virtualized Domain Controllers: 4 Myths and 12 Best Practices

30 Aug 2016 by Eric Siron     9

  Domain controllers don’t mix with virtual environments — or do they? A mountain of conflicting information exists on this topic, and few of us have time to make the expedition over all of that territory. What you’ll find here is a guide map that will take you safely past the traps of myth straight to the pinnacle of best practices for your virtualized domain controllers. Virtualized Domain Controllers: Myths You’ll have to get through the fiction before you can get to the facts. Many outdated truths, fear, and blind guesses have led to the creation of abundance of misinformation on the subject of virtualized domain controllers. Myth 1: Domain Controllers Should Not be Virtualized We might as well start with this catch-all myth. Whatever arguments, whatever anecdotes are supplied as support, they are insufficient. We’ll look at many of those in the next sections, but there is simple proof… Read More»


P2V (Physical-to-Virtual) Conversions in Hyper-V

18 Aug 2016 by Eric Siron     0

As virtualization has become the norm, the need for physical-to-virtual conversions (P2V) has begun to decline for many of us. There are still a great number of legacy systems waiting their turn to be transferred. There are also many administrators inheriting systems from exiting staff that avoided virtualization right up to the bitter end. Whatever your situation, this article is for you.