Free eBook & 5 Points for your Supercharged Hyper-V Performance

07 Apr 2016 by Eric Siron     0    

We have a Free eBook for you! Supercharge your Hyper-V Performance by following the guided eBook prepared by Paul Schnackenburg. You will find a guide to identify any issues with your existing setup, learn how to use Windows Performance Monitor and PAL, and correctly plan hosts, VMs, Storage, Networking and Management components within your Hyper-V infrastructure. The guide is optimized for administrators who are resource strapped, get the best out of your existing system and download the eBook now!


Hyper-V How To: Convert VHD to VHDX

08 Mar 2016 by Eric Siron     0    

With Windows Server 2012 you can set up a VHDX. If you already have a VHD you can convert it and benefit from data loss prevention against sudden interruptions, extend the data size, and improve compatibility. Find out how to Convert VHD to VHDX in this guide.