Best Hyper-V Management Tools for On Prem | The SysAdmin DOJO Podcast

37 mins
March 16, 2022

When we sat down to record this episode we ended up in a situation like we did with our episode with Ben Armstrong, too much content for one episode! To those familiar with Hyper-V, this likely doesn’t come as a surprise being we’re discussing the various management tools that are available for Hyper-V, along with the overall management story for Microsoft’s hypervisor.

In this episode, we sit down with Eric Siron to discuss modern day usage of the traditional Hyper-V management tools which include:

In the next episode, we’ll focus on the new management tools for Hyper-V such as Windows Admin Center and Azure Arc.

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In this episode on Hyper-V management tools for on-prem

  • Hyper-V Management vs. VMware Management – 2:05
  • An example of management assumptions for VMware admins trying Hyper-V – 8:43
  • Networking woes in Windows Server – 12:12
  • Why choice of tools is a strength of Hyper-V – 17:12
  • Thoughts on System Center Virtual Machine Manager – 24:08
  • An example of where VMM does NOT fit – 28:00

Episode quotes

  • The Management Story isn’t as good on the Hyper-V side of the house as it is the VMware side of the house
  • Dare I say it… System Center Virtual Machine Manager
  • In IT you know we have a feast and famine cycle, right?
  • What would Microsoft Do? – WWMD
  • To be honest, I don’t remember the last time I used VMM
  • For those of you listening and not seeing, Eric just rolled his eyes and I totally agree with that sentiment

Resources for Hyper-V Management Tools

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