How to Perform Hyper-V Storage Migration

11 Oct 2017 by Eric Siron2

New servers? New SAN? Trying out hyper-convergence? Upgrading to Hyper-V 2016? Any number of conditions might prompt you to move your Hyper-V virtual machine's storage to another location. Let's look...

Why Expansion for Hyper-V’s Dynamic VHDX Doesn’t Matter

23 May 2017 by Eric Siron1

Lots of people give lots of excuses for not using dynamically expanding virtual hard disks. Situationally, some of those excuses have merit. However, I have never seen any excuse with...

Hyper-V Differencing Disks Explained

07 Feb 2017 by Eric Siron0

  Usually when we talk about Hyper-V's virtual disk types, we focus on fixed and dynamically expanding. There's another type that enjoys significantly less press: differencing disks. Administrators don't deal...

Disk Fragmentation is not Hyper-V’s Enemy

26 Jan 2017 by Eric Siron9

Fragmentation is the most crippling problem in computing, wouldn't you agree? I mean, that's what the strange guy downtown paints on his walking billboard, so it must be true, right?...

Cannot Delete a Virtual Hard Disk from a Cluster Shared Volume

15 Nov 2016 by Eric Siron2

When you use the built-in Hyper-V tools (Hyper-V Manager and PowerShell) to delete a virtual machine, all of its virtual hard disks are left behind. This is by design and...

Evaluating Hyper-V Backup Storage Solutions

20 Oct 2016 by Eric Siron0

It's not difficult to find recommendations about what storage to use with your backup solution -- from the people that make backup storage solutions. I certainly can't begrudge a company...

Understanding and Working with VHD(X) Files

04 Aug 2016 by Eric Siron10

A virtual machine is an abstract computer. It mimics a physical computer for the purpose of extending the flexibility of the computer system while still providing as many features of...

How To Copy or Backup a VHD File While the VM is Running

12 Jul 2016 by Eric Siron9

I think that we can all agree that backup software exists for a reason. Well, lots of reasons. Very good reasons. So, if you ask me in the abstract how...

Hyper-V How To: Access the Properties of a Virtual Disk

17 Jun 2016 by Eric Siron0

A virtual machine views its disks as normal mass storage devices. In reality, they're files. On the Hyper-V platform, the original format has an extension of VHD (for virtual hard...

Hyper-V How To: Create a Virtual Hard Disk

10 May 2016 by Eric Siron0

Creating a new virtual hard disk is almost always included as a step during the creation of the virtual machine that owns it. It's certainly not the only time or...

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