Altaro Office 365 Backup for MSPs

Back up, restore and manage all your customers' Office 365 mailboxes through a centralised multi-tenant online console, on a monthly subscription.

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Is pricing per user or per mailbox per month?

Pricing is per mailbox per month, not per user. If one mailbox is used by multiple users, the fee is for the mailbox rather than for the number of people who have access to it.

For example, that if a company has a forwarding email address like, which forwards emails to and, then that counts as 2 mailboxes in total, not 3 - the forwarding address ( does not count as a mailbox since it is just a forwarding email.

What does pricing include?

Pricing is per mailbox per month. It is a single fee that includes:

  • Mailbox backup
  • Storage of backed up data
  • Access to the CMC
  • Technical Support

You are only charged for mailboxes backed up per month – you can add or remove mailboxes according to your needs. You can scale up to tens of thousands of mailboxes.

There's a minimum payment of 30 mailboxes per month across all your customers combined.

Are there no storage costs?

No storage costs apply. Storage is part of the monthly all-inclusive price per mailbox. You have access to unlimited storage per mailbox, within acceptable usage levels.

Does Altaro charge extra when I perform a restore for a customer?

No. We charge you one fixed all-inclusive price per mailbox per month.

What if I do not have a minimum of 30 mailboxes to back up each month?

You can start with as few mailboxes as you wish, as long as you pay the minimum fee for 30 mailboxes per month. So if you wish to start with 10 mailboxes, you can – however, you will be billed for 30.

Do I have to subscribe to both Altaro VM Backup for MSPs and Altaro Office 365 Backup for MSPs?

The two are separate products and you can subscribe to one of these solutions without needing to subscribe to the other.

How many mailboxes can be backed up?

An infinite number of mailboxes can be backed up. There's a minimum of 30 mailboxes required per month – across all your customers.

How frequently are mailboxes backed up?

Each mailbox is backed up to a maximum of 4 times a day. This is seamless to the user and takes place automatically – no interaction is required on the user's part.

Can we use our own storage for the backups instead of Altaro's Azure infrastructure?

All Office 365 storage is handled by Altaro and this cost is included in the price per mailbox per month. Data is stored in MS Azure blob storage. It is not possible to store the data elsewhere. There are currently no plans to allow storage to on-prem repositories or other storage accounts / cloud storage.

If we delete the Office 365 mailbox but want to keep the data, can we keep the backup?

Yes, there is an option to stop mailbox backups and retain the data. As long as the subscription is active, the content will be retained.

Where are the Azure servers located?

The Azure servers are in the Netherlands. We will eventually save to Germany and the US and elsewhere too – but no timelines on that yet.

Does Altaro Office 365 Backup for MSPs back up OneDrive and SharePoint?

Not yet – this is currently in development, however.

Will you do backup for Gmail?

Currently there are no plans to support G Suite (Google's office suite, including mail service).

How does it work if I use both Altaro VM Backup for MSPs and Altaro Office 365 Backup for MSPs?

If you subscribe to both products, then both products are accessible via your account on the Altaro Cloud Management Console (CMC). When using the CMC, you simply need to select which product you want to use – you can switch from one product to the other in the CMC.

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