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Benefit from uninterrupted protection for your data

Renew your VM Backup (formerly Altaro VM Backup) Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) and your 365 Total Backup (formerly Altaro Office 365 Backup) subscription to enjoy continued backups without missing a beat

Benefits of Renewal

Renewal of your VM Backup (formerly Altaro VM Backup) and/or 365 Total Backup (formerly Altaro Office 365 Backup) software solutions ensures:

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Uninterrupted protection
for your data

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Immediate, ongoing access to all VM Backup's and Office 365 Backup's latest features and product updates

Tech Support

Priority 24/7 Support from our product experts: Call response within 22 seconds

VM Backup renewal

If you subscribe to VM Backup:

  • You can renew your subscriptions from within the product; auto-renewal is also available. Expiration date is shown in product.
  • Unless you have already licensed the Unlimited Plus Edition, you can choose to upgrade edition (from Standard to Unlimited, for example) and /or the quantity of VMs backed up from within the product.
  • You can set a subscription key as default so that any new VMs are automatically assigned to it and can start backing up immediately
  • VM Backup subscription keys can only be entered in version 8.15.x or newer. If you are running an older version, please update your software (at no cost) before entering the key.

If you have purchased a Perpetual License for VM Backup, renew your Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA):

Purchase an annual Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) Renewal to enjoy these benefits. For pricing, please contact your local partner or email us for a quotation.

Discounted rates apply for 2-year+ renewals; and you can save when you purchase your Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) upfront with your New Licences purchase

SMA expired more than 30 days ago

If your SMA expired more than 30 days ago, you are required to renew your contract for two years from the expiry date.

If you are using an earlier version of VM Backup, you must upgrade to the latest version instead.

SMA expired more than a year ago

If you own VM Backup V8 or earlier and no longer hold a valid Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA), you can still upgrade to our latest version.

Have a question about VM Backup (formerly Altaro VM Backup) Perpetual License Renewals?

Below are the most frequently asked questions about Perpetual License renewals and licensing:

What is the status of my maintenance contract?

To check the status of your Software Maintenance Agreement you can login to your account on our portal. Here you'll find all the products you purchased and when the Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) is due for renewing. You can click on this link to go to the Portal.

How do I renew?
Regions with a closed shopping cart

To renew your Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) you can contact your IT Partner who sold you your license. They will assist you with your renewal.

Regions where the shopping cart is open

To renew your SMA, log in to the Portal, click on "My products", click the blue "Renew Support/Upgrades" button of the applicable license and select 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-year renewal. Check if the billing section contains the right information. Select the payment option and you are all set.

Please note that if you choose "Purchase Order" you can only pay via cheque or Wire Transfer.

International Wire Transfer fees may apply.

Can I align end dates for different SMAs?

Yes, an alignment of expire dates is possible. Contact us providing your name and e-mail address and we'll get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities.

Can I purchase a maintenance contract for a duration that is longer than one year?

Yes, we offer 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-year Software Maintenance Agreements. From year 2 onwards, you will have the option to renew - click here for pricing. If you choose to renew for 2 years you benefit from 5% discount on the price for 1 year; if you choose to renew for 3 years, you benefit from 10% discount on the 1 year price; and if you choose to renew for 4 years you benefit from 15% discount on the 1 year price. You can ask our Renewals Team for a quote.

Do I pay a one-time price? Does the price include support?

You can choose how to purchase VM Backup (formerly Altaro VM Backup). You can opt to buy a perpetual license (with a renewable Software Maintenance Agreement) or as an annual subscription. A perpetual license of VM Backup is a one-time purchase which includes 1 year of Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA), which entitles you to receiving premium Support and upgrades. You can purchase additional SMA Renewals as part of your New Licence purchase and benefit from an advantageous rate. You can also choose to renew later. You can renew your SMA for 2, 3, 4 or 5 years at one go – see above for details.

(If you choose to subscribe, your subscription will be to the Unlimited Plus Edition of VM Backup. When you subscribe, you pay per VM and you can freely move VMs across hosts with no restraints. The price includes backup and recovery services, priority 24/7 support and the latest functionality and patch fixes for the duration of your subscription.)

Are any add-ons (e.g. Offsite Server, remote/central management tools) licensed separately?

No. Add-ons do not require a license as long as the host is assigned a Standard or Unlimited Edition license.

Do I need to re-install if I want to upgrade from the Free Edition?

No, you can simply replace your Free Edition key with the new purchased license key and all the product's features will be available to you right away.

365 Total Backup (formerly Altaro Office 365 Backup) subscription renewal

Enjoy continuous MS 365/Office 365 data protection by renewing your subscription before it expires. Click here for pricing.

You can renew your subscription for one, two or three years. If you opt for a two-year subscription, you benefit from a 10% discount on the one-year price. If you opt for a three-year subscription, you benefit from a 15% discount.

When renewing, you can also increase the number of mailboxes you wish to back up.

Important note: If you choose not to renew, be sure to export the Office 365 backups you've taken as these will be deleted within 14 days following subscription expiry.

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