Altaro Office 365 Backup for MSPs

Back up, restore and manage all your customers' Office 365 mailboxes through a centralised multi-tenant online console, on a monthly subscription.

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Microsoft does not back up and recover its subscribers' Office 365 emails and cannot help if unexpected data loss or damage occurs. At the same time, professional MSPs cannot offer Office 365 services to their customers without also providing mailbox backup services. This is why Altaro Office 365 Backup was created for MSPs - to provide you with the reliable backup and recovery solution you need.

Altaro Office 365 Backup for MSPs backs up mail items and their attachments. Backups take place automatically several times per day to a secure cloud backup location hosted by Altaro.

MSPs can manage and monitor the mailboxes they are handling per customer through a centralised, multi-tenant online management console, at a monthly fee.

  • Office 365 mailbox backups: Back up customers' Office 365 mail items and attachments – these are automatically backed up throughout the day.
  • Fast and simple mailbox recovery: Various restore options, for entire mailboxes as well as granular restore of selected mail items, such as restoring back to the same mailbox.
  • Minimal recovery point objective: Backups take place automatically several times per day, ensuring a low recovery point objective (RPO) in case of data loss or damage.
  • Secure, hassle-free storage: Your customers' Office 365 mailbox backups are automatically saved to a secure cloud backup location hosted by Altaro. So you needn't worry about setting up your own servers to save backups to, or fret over SLAs.
  • Multi-tenant: MSPs can manage and monitor all the email backups they are handling across all their customers through Altaro's centralised, multi-tenant online management console.
  • Ease of access: By backing up all a company's mailboxes into one location, this data can be managed, monitored, protected and stored centrally, for easy access, searching and recovery.
  • Easy billing: Enjoy a convenient, ordered view of the total mailboxes backed up for each of your customers, making it simple and fast for you to know what you need to bill per customer.
  • Searchable and browsable: Mailbox backups are searchable and browsable through various filters, taking the hassle out of searches. Filters include Sender, Recipients, Subject, and Attachment Names.
  • 256-bit AES encryption: All Office 365 backed up data is secured through AES 256 bit encryption and stored in Altaro-managed Azure storage.
  • Pay as you go: Add or remove mailboxes as needed, and only pay for the boxes backed up per month. There are no upfront fees. One monthly fee applies per mailbox that includes backups, storage, support and management console.
  • Volume discounts: The more mailboxes you have across all your customers, the more advantageous the price and the greater the revenue for you. Check out our pricing
  • Two factor authentication (2FA): Altaro's multi-tenant management platform supports 2FA for added security.
  • SharePoint and OneDrive backups - Coming soon
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