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Great Product, we are rolling out to all of our customers. So easy to manage and reliable backups! With great compression and off-site functionality. Provides a great DR solution with the off-site backup options and provides great benefits with storage with up to 75% compression! There is nothing to dislike about this it's great!


5-star ratingStars Rating

Altaro VM Backup is Awesome. The product works exactly as promised and works great. It has been absolutely bulletproof since installation. Download the trial and check it out... you won't be disappointed.


5-star ratingStars Rating

Great product, great support, great cost per value. Really no complaints. I have used much more expensive software with much less success. I have restored multiple servers, multiple times and never had an issue. An absolute buy for any server administrator. Backing up and restoring servers. Reliable every time.


5-star ratingStars Rating

Excellent product. Not one issue with it. Extremely reliable and dependable. Easy to navigate. Need a solid backup software? Look no further. This took the stress out of my daily responsibilities. You set it up and it just goes. Have not had one failed backup since we integrated it into our system. "Old Faithful" has a new face.... ☺

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5-star ratingStars Rating

We have 5 hosts running 30 VMs and have Altaro backing up all of them. v5 is a nice product and we utilize the off-site feature as well. Very cost effective and works like a champ. The free version is an easy way to get familiar with it.

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5-star ratingStars Rating

Compared to all the other software out there for Hyper-V VM backups Altaro made a great product companies can afford. It works, it's stable and has saved my butt twice already!


5-star ratingStars Rating

We are backing up Hyper-V and VMware VMs and the overall experience has been fantastic. This software was able to handle granular restores as well as the entire VM backup. Love this product!!


5-star ratingStars Rating

Very easy to setup and use, absolutely off-the-charts deduplication and compression (inline!) second-to-none technical support on the rare occasions it was needed. The cloud management console is the awesome cherry on the cake...


5-star ratingStars Rating

Quick, easy setup process. I had reviewed many options prior to going with Altaro and none even came close. I have had this running in several locations over the years and have never had a problem with backing up or restoring data. We have had to do complete disaster recovery at one of our locations due to a fire and it went so easily that i felt like I missed something when in fact it just went smoothly.


5-star ratingStars Rating

The software is super intuitive and easy to use, very easy to update and manage, and the support that Altaro provides is top notch. You will be hard-pressed to find another company with support like they offer. Anytime you need assistance, you're immediately connected with someone who actually works for Altaro and knows the product.

Independent Reviewers Love Altaro


"Altaro Office 365 Backup is highly recommended," says the review team at WinMagPro in the Netherlands.
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In a review, Network Computing concluded that Altaro Office 365 Backup provides companies with "an excellent range of both full and granular restore facilities and delivers peace of mind at a very affordable price."
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Network Computing


We were very impressed with Altaro VM Backup's fast deployment and extreme ease of use. The clever console design makes it easy to create backup strategies for VMs plus it offers a wealth of valuable recovery and replication features. Protecting your Hyper-V and VMware virtualized environments really doesn't get any easier or more affordable…
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IT Pro


The WinMagPro team in the Netherlands reviewed Altaro VM Backup following its new WAN-Optimized Replication functionality, and awarded it their seal of approval.
Read the full review (Dutch)



With its intuitive console and slick drag and drop operations, Altaro VM Backup takes the pain out of protecting Hyper-V and VMware environments. It's remarkably easy to deploy, offers a wealth of valuable features and simply won't be beaten for value.
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Storage Magazine


Altaro VM Backup offers an easy and integrated way to backup virtual machines. It is fast, affordable and high performance backup solution for enterprise.
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All the core features that a good backup server should have are there with a few welcome extras like the cloud integration, boot from backup and a solid customer support experience directly integrated in the console, very nice.
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It's clear that Altaro have invested heavily in a slick user experience to provide simplified backup operations with a clear and concise dashboard that is intuitive.
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mkb award 2018

Altaro VM Backup is indispensable for entrepreneurs who are increasingly dependent on the cloud. With Altaro you have proven quality at your disposal, whether you use Hyper-V or VMware.
Read the full review (Dutch)


tech genix

Altaro VM Backup dashboard revealed that the deduplication and compression engine had reduced my backup’s footprint by 86.
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Brien M. Posey TechGenix.com


I actually really like it and find it a lot more simple and intuitive to use than some of the other products out there. All the core features that a good backup server should have are there with a few welcome extras like the cloud integration, boot from backup and a solid customer support experience directly integrated in the console, very nice.
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We had a credible configuration in less than fifteen minutes. Complexity of storage estate will naturally increase this, but it's very intuitive to get things working and advanced options can be considered using familiarity, understanding and evolving requirements.
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Altaro's software saves time and space and … contains a kind of cross-deduplication, where the same data on multiple VMs is only included once in the backup. This also applies to its real time monitoring.
Read the full review (Dutch)


mkb award

Management of backups goes through one centralized console for both types of VMs... Multiple backups can be performed live simultaneously, which means zero downtime.
Read the full review (Dutch)



I was very impressed by Altaro VM Backup because it is a quick and an easy tool to handle.

Romain Serre Tech-Coffee.net


This tool is a powerful backup solution for a small to medium size business implementation of a Hyper-V based private cloud, and the pricing is right in line, if not below that level. Additionally, Altaro's support department was impressive and their documentation is thorough.

Toby Meyer itToby.com


All in all, Altaro VM Backup is a highly recommended backup solution for Hyper-V environments. (Translated)

Eric Berg's blog (German)

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