“I have had to restore vm’s from backup and all have been a simple process. Great product, works as it should without making me think.”

Paul R.Loria Jr Customer Technical Support, USA

5 star rating

We have 5 hosts running 30 VMs and have Altaro backing up all of them. v5 is a nice product and we utilize the off-site feature as well. Very cost effective and works like a champ. The free version is an easy way to get familiar with it.

5 star rating

Compared to all the other software out there for Hyper-V VM backups Altaro made a great product companies can afford. It works, it's stable and has saved my butt twice already!

5 star rating

Great product! We are using it to backup our Hyper-V servers, and it works perfectly. Fast, reliable, and with an excellent interface!

5 star rating

This is a brilliant product: simple to use and always an excellent response from the support team whenever help is required.

5 star rating

Two words: Easy and Reliable. An affordable solution, compared to it's competitors, without the bloat or reliability issues like Data Protection Manager, vRanger, etc. Extremely easy to install and understand with no pre-install requirements.

5 star rating

A great product. Being able to back up 2 VMs free is brilliant for small businesses with a single host. Easy restore and use. Support is great - snappy response and on the ball every time.

5 star rating

Excellent product at a great price point. Works flawlessly and allows you to backup to multiple locations (primary and secondary). Also includes a unique reverse delta differential algorithm. Great disk to disk over ISCSI solution.

5 star rating

I have been using Altaro for my Cluster environment and I would highly recommend it. The support team, they are awesome. I am 100% satisfied for the product and the support that I received from them.

5 star rating

Great value and a quality product, we have had nothing but a great experience with Altaro. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a backup solution that is simple but very effective.

5 star rating

Easy to use, but still advanced. Easy to install. Free for 2 VMs. Affordable. Higly recommended. Great support.

5 star rating

I looked really hard at affordable solutions to backup my HyperV server. Small shop, single server, needed something that would run on auto-pilot. No one in that office has the time, interest, and most importantly the skills to baby-sit backups. Altaro has worked perfectly.

5 star rating

Altaro has proven to be both very user friendly while at the same time, a powerful enough tool for an Administrator to sleep a little deeper at night knowing that the backups are being done.

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"Your support team is one of the best I have ever dealt with. Actually it is probably is the best. All my issues have been taken care of with usually not more than two e-mails and always on the same day I have submitted a request for support! I have had to restore vm’s from backup and all have been a simple process. Great product, works as it should without making me think. Thank You"
P.L.J, Technical Support
"I successfully restored all the virtual machines to a new array in about 12 hours! Your product is wonderful! Thank you for saving my butt!!!"
Phillip Coffee, Technology Assistant
"Altaro VM Backup is just the program I was looking for. Altaro sets up in just minutes with its very friendly interface. This program takes the pain out of backups, the program just works! Altaro VM Backup is a great affordable product that I would recommend to anyone running Hyper-V."
Brice Milla, Technical Consultant
"We have been looking for a solution which would provide protection for our HyperV machines. Functionality combined with affordable price (compared to competitive products) were the key advantages to choose Altaro and we don't regret the decision."
Tomasz Dziedzic, IT Manager
"The Hyper-V Backup is the best backup software I have ever used, you can go from downloading it to having a backup ready in 10 minutes."
Simon Gray, Technical Consultant
"On the rare occasions I have had to contact the support desk, my issue has always been resolved very quickly. You have a really great product, that just works, keep it up!"
George Sayer, Systems Manager (IT Department)
"We’re trying out the free edition with a couple of clients. So far the nicest VM backup program I’ve ever seen"
David Duckworth, Network Administrator
“Fantastic product, awesome support and a respectful foll up!”
Troy Kuskie, RMH Group
"We had a server with consistent backup problems. When we switched to Altaro for our backup solution, they helped me fix a problem that haunted us for months. Working with them has always been a pleasure!"

Independent Reviewers Love Altaro

It is difficult to find a VM backup application that is this easy to use or that gives you as many useful features for the price. I decided to give Altaro VM Backup a score of 4.8 i.e. VirtualizationAdmin.com Gold Award.

Brien M. Posey VirtualizationAdmin.com

Altaro Hyper-V Backup v4 delivers what anyone would need to successfully back up and restore Hyper-V-based systems and even goes a bit further, delivering some innovative features that speed backups and introduce flexibility into the process.

Frank Ohlhorst EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet.com

I suppose the best endorsement of Altaro VM Backup that I can give to you is letting you know that I use the software myself in my development environment.

Timothy Warner 4SysOps.com

The management tools make an overall thoughtful and mature impression. Particularly interesting is the remote backup option. (Translated)

Andrej Radonic ComputerWoche.de (German)

I was very impressed by Altraro VM Backup because it is a quick and an easy tool to handle.

Romain Serre Tech-Coffee.net

This tool is a powerful backup solution for a small to medium size business implementation of a Hyper-V based private cloud, and the pricing is right in line, if not below that level. Additionally, Altaro's support department was impressive and their documentation is thorough.

Toby Meyer itToby.com

Altaro VM Backup is the biggest surprise. Not only have they created a great and simple to use product but the new features really make it one of the best backup solutions for Hyper-V.

Erik Blum ITSMDaily.com

All in all, Altaro VM Backup is a highly recommended backup solution for Hyper-V environments. (Translated)

Eric Berg's blog (German)

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