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Why do I need to back up my company's Office 365 mailboxes and files in OneDrive and SharePoint?

Microsoft does not provide Office 365 backup and recovery services

Office 365 subscriber data – such as mailboxes and files stored within OneDrive and SharePoint Document Libraries - is not backed up by Microsoft as part of their subscription. Microsoft does not provide Office 365 data protection services. (Read more here.)

  • Microsoft provides the necessary infrastructure and must ensure that Office 365 works. However, as an Office 365 subscriber, it is up to you to protect your Office 365 data from aspects such as:
    • human error (for example, deleted items)
    • hacker and malware attacks
    • malicious user actions
    • etc.
  • Microsoft doesn't provide native backup options for Office 365. It includes some basic archiving, retention and recovery features as well as versioning, but cannot guarantee full and fast restoration of data loss.

That's why you need to use a reliable backup and recovery solution to save your skin when things go wrong and to give you peace of mind.

  • Microsoft can't help with unexpected data loss or damage - If Office 365 contents are misplaced or deleted from the network or are damaged or destroyed, a robust backup solution ensures that you have access to a backed-up copy. This helps you avoid the issues and repercussions that arise when data goes missing.

    Once a mail item is deleted or changed in Office 365, for example, it stays that way. Simple day-to-day scenarios could lead to data loss, such as:
    • A system admin might unintentionally delete an Office 365 mailbox user.
    • A user might intentionally or accidentally delete a file within OneDrive or SharePoint and only realise weeks later.
    • A ransomware attack or virus infection could block or damage an organisation's mailboxes.

    A backup solution is therefore a must as it allows you to restore a prior instance of that item.

  • Problems with non-centralized data - Your data can best be protected and stored centrally by backing up all the company's mailboxes and files into a single location. This way, you can also enjoy easy access, searching, browsing and recovery. Altaro Office 365 Backup's online console enables central management and monitoring of all your Office 365 backups.
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