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Get your VM Backup v9 License Key

Customers who have a valid Sales Maintenance Agreement (SMA) are entitled to a free upgrade to v9. Customers whose SMA has expired should contact their Partner or the Renewals team for assistance.


Generate your v9 License Key

  1. Retrieve your VM Backup v8 license key from your current installation(s).
    • You can find your keys in your management console under the hosts screen.
    • Click on 'License' (Standard/Unlimited/Unlimited Plus) and select 'I already have a license key'.
    • This displays the license key.
  2. Paste your v8 license key and the email address where you would like to receive your v9 key into the respective fields below and click the orange button to submit.
  3. Your new v9 license key will be displayed and a copy will be emailed to you within a couple of minutes.

STEP 2: Installation / Upgrading to v9

Important Information about Upgrading to VM Backup v9:

Kindly visit our v9 Upgrade Guide before upgrading.

Freeware Users:

If your key is used for the Free Edition, please request a new freeware key.

Freeware users need to request a new key for the Free Edition by filling in this form.

Need help or have a question?

Email us or contact support here.