The Complete Guide to Backup Services for MSPs

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The Complete Guide to Backup Services for MSPs

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Whether you know it or not, data is increasingly the lifeblood of every organization. Processes, financials, intellectual property, and even entire (digital) products themselves are composed of data. In any one of these situations, the loss of data would impact a given organization severely, both in the realm of customer perception and the company’s bottom line. Data is critical, and protecting it is no longer an optional activity for most organizations, so how do you get started?

If you’re new to the world of data protection and you’re an individual organization, you’ve probably already heard of our ground-breaking, vendor-agnostic eBook on backup and disaster recovery called The Backup Bible. Did we mention it’s free as well?

The Backup Bible has received huge plaudits from the IT community and is a great resource for organizations with internal IT departments and small businesses. However, what if you’re a managed services provider that is responsible for the backup & recovery operations of multiple organizations? That changes the equation quite a bit, so we decided to create a special edition dedicated specifically to MSPs!

The Backup Bible for MSPs

As a service provider, your needs and challenges when it comes to backup and DR management for your customers are unique. Instead of getting successful backups for one organization, you’re worried about many. One wrong move could lose you a customer, so you need to do things the right way. Challenges are vast and include things like:

  • Multiple disparate and unique environments
  • Physical separation of each backup domain
  • Management of Backup/Recovery operations at-scale
  • Customers with varying degrees of complexity
  • Varying regulatory compliance concerns
  • Complex SLAs and MSAs
  • Required training on multiple backup technologies and services
  • Mistakes made that can directly impact your bottom line

Proper planning and a solid strategy are key to dealing with these challenges, and with good reason! There is much to be gained by providing effective backup services to your customers! MSPs who successfully provide backup services to their customer base create an additional revenue stream for their business, help build trust, and drive additional projects by allowing you to be the hero your customers have been looking for. 

The Backup Bible for MSPs contains the full content featured in the original Backup Bible with an entirely new section written by Andy Syrewicze and Paul Schnackenburg, which will help you navigate these challenges, help you define your backup-as-a-service practice, and get your customer’s data protected.

Other topics covered in The Backup Bible for MSPs include:

  • How to choose the right backup application
  • Pricing and costing considerations
  • SLAs and updating your Master Service Agreement
  • How to train your team to provide BaaS Services
  • Technical considerations for providing backup services at scale
  • And more!

Download Your Copy of the Backup Bible for MSPs

Whether you’re a fledgling MSP or a long-established one looking to brush up your knowledge, this eBook is THE definitive guide that will enable you to bring backup services to the masses, while building trust and additional revenue streams at the same time!

Download your free copy today!

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