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4 Important Azure IaaS features for building your Hybrid Cloud

With the knowledge gained in this webinar, you'll be prepared to grab those easy to move workloads in your datacenter and progress into the hybrid cloud. This webinar covers: Azure Resource Manager (ARM), Azure Compute, Azure Page and Blob Storage, and Connectivity into Azure.

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Webinar Q&A

Q: If there is a trackable pending disaster such as a hurricane or a war, will Microsoft proactively move data and workloads to another Azure Datacenter Region?

The short answer here is no, that is because Microsoft leaves it up to the customer to design and architect the solutions over several datacenter regions yourself if you need that kind of failover and redundancy. Microsoft will do no syncing of data between datacenters on their own in this regards. You have to set it up yourself.

Q: Is it possible to select managed or un-managed for disks during the creation of a new VM in Azure?

It is. In the storage section under step 3 of the VM’s creation you have the option of selecting managed or unmanaged storage.

Q: Is it possible to change from un-managed to managed storage at a later time?

Yes! There are a few powershell cmdlets that can do this and the process is fairly quick. More information on this can be found HERE.

Q: Does an MSDN subscription allow you to do some testing with Azure?

Yes. You get various credits depending on your subscription level. You can find more information on this HERE.

Q: When a host “warm reboots” in Azure, how do the VMs stay online? How do they get resources?

The answer here is they don’t stay online, however the downtime is only 15 to 30 seconds, so it’s nearly unidentifiable unless you’re running a very connectivity sensitive application.

Q: How can I keep track of which services are available in what regions?

Microsoft keeps a list of this HERE.

Q: Is it possible to use Nested Virtualization in Azure?

It is! This feature is usable with the newly available D_v3 and E_v3 VMs. (NOTE: May only be available in certain regions at this time).

Meet the Speakers

Aiden Author photo

Aidan Finn


Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP

Aidan is a Microsoft Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP and has been working in IT since 1996, as a consultant, systems administrator, and in technical pre-sales. Aidan blogs on about Microsoft infrastructure solutions, with focus on Hyper-V and Azure IaaS.

Andy Author

Andy Syrewicze


Cloud & Data Management MVP

Technical Evangelist - Altaro

Andy is a 15+ year IT pro specializing in Virtualization, Storage, Cloud, and Infrastructure. By day he’s a Technical Evangelist for Altaro, leading technical content and pre-sales. By night he shares his IT knowledge online or over a cold beer. He holds the Microsoft MVP award in Cloud and Datacenter Management, and one of few who is also a VMware vExpert.