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VM Backup (formerly Altaro VM Backup) supports WAN-Optimized Replication

VM Backup's (formerly Altaro VM Backup) WAN-Optimized Replication functionality enables users to be back up and running in minimal time should disaster strike by switching to a replicated virtual machine (VM) that is running offsite. This is available in the Unlimited Plus edition of the product, from v8 onwards.

  • WAN-Optimized Replication permits a business to make an ongoing copy of its virtual machines (VMs) to a remote site and to switch to that copy with immediacy should anything go wrong with the live VMs, such as damage due to hurricanes, fires and flooding.
  • This dramatically reduces the recovery time objective (RTO), that is, the maximum duration of time that virtual machines and applications running on them can be down after a failure occurs.
  • Replication is available for companies, IT consultants and value added resellers (VARs) in VM Backup (unlimited Plus). It is available for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) through VM Backup for MSPs - this enables them to add replication services to their offering, meaning they can replicate VMs to the MSP's infrastructure so that if a customer site goes down, that customer can immediately access its VMs and continue working through the MSP's infrastructure.

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This WAN-Optimized Replication feature is only available to customers who have the "Unlimited Plus" edition of VM Backup.

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