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Altaro VM Backup Cloud Management Console (CMC)

Altaro’s ground-breaking CMC is a web-based, multi-tenant management tool for Altaro VM Backup that enables IT departments, end users, IT Resellers and MSPs to manage and monitor all their Altaro installations from a single pane of glass. Get one centralized view via this online console, making life easy and hassle-free.

For IT Resellers, MSPs & VARs

Centrally manage and monitor all your customers’ virtual machine backups from a single, easy-to-use, multi-tenant online console. You can also store customer backups to your servers and manage and monitor their backup storage through the console.

Access to the CMC is free for all Altaro partners & MSPs

For IT Departments & End Users

Centrally manage and monitor all your Altaro VM Backup installations across a single site or multiple sites, from one easy-to-use online console.

Only available for customers purchasing the “Unlimited Plus” Edition of Altaro VM Backup.

Full control & monitoring – One single cloud console

Manage all your Altaro VM backups through Altaro's cloud console. Execute quickly and easily and enjoy complete control over all your VM backup/restore jobs in real time, via a single pane of glass.

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Designed to manage and monitor multiple hosts and customers (if you’re an IT Reseller/MSP) or sites.


Manage your backups/restores

Start backups, configure backup locations, offsite locations for backup storage or replication, and restore VMs directly from the online portal.

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Real-time status updates & alerts

View live operation activity and backup results as they occur, and set instant email alerts for successful operations, warnings, failed operations and more.

Features of the Altaro VM Backup Cloud Management Console

  • Centrally manage and monitor all your Altaro VM Backup installations, offsite copies, replicated VMs, backup templates, failed backups and much more.
    • Monitor VM backup / offsite copy verification results and health
    • Monitor WAN-Optimized Replication: Monitor the status and progress of all VMs configured for replication
    • Monitor missed schedules
    • View VM backup / offsite copy / restore / verification progress
    • Report on VM backup / offsite copy / restore / verification operation history
    • View backup folder storage used per host
    • Register multiple Altaro VM Backup installations
    • Centrally configure, monitor and manage all your Altaro Offsite Server (AOS) installations
    • (For MSPs) Provide Backup as a Service (BaaS) by centrally managing, monitoring and billing for all your customers’ virtual machine (VM) backups from the CMC with the ability to back up a customer’s VMs to the customer’s servers or your own
    • (For MSPs) Monitor storage consumption on your servers for each of your customers
    • (For MSPs) You can choose to grant your customers access to the Altaro Cloud Management Console (CMC) to enable them to manage and monitor their own VM backups (but not other customers’ information).
  • Manage your backups/restores
    • Start backups and restore VMs from the online portal
    • Configure WAN-Optimized Replication, backup locations, offsite locations and encryption keys
    • Set default locations without having to assign each new VM to a location each time
    • Store VM backups to multiple offsite locations
    • Restore VMs directly from the portal
    • Push Altaro Hyper-V Host Agent software updates
  • Securely access the portal from anywhere: There is no need for a VPN or to be on-site. You don't need additional software, simply use a web browser. You can activate two factor authentication (2FA) for additional security.
  • Set up backup settings templates: Set custom templates with schedules, retention policies and advanced settings and assign them to a large number of VMs across different hosts or customers (if you’re an IT reseller/MSP), in one click.
  • Reports and alerts
    • Daily email reports summarising backup / offsite copy verification operation status / issues
    • View error messages that occurred from the portal
    • VM backup / offsite copy / restore verification progress
    • View reports on backup health and storage usage per VM
    • Receive alerts in the case of a failed replication operation
  • Push upgrades, backup configurations and license keys to multiple Altaro VM Backup installations quickly
  • Saved searches: Easily create searches to monitor failures, stale backups and offline agents
  • Initiate backups, offsite copies, restore jobs and more!
  • Servers in America and Europe: The Altaro CMC is hosted in the US and in Europe, enabling user data to be hosted in their respective jurisdiction.
  • Subscription licensing (for MSPs): Subscription-based automatic payments - pay per VM usage, per month. More info on our MSP program

Get started with the CMC


For IT Resellers, MSPs & VARs

Free for partners to manage all their customers under an active SMA (Software Maintenance Agreement)

For IT Departments & End Users

Available for all customers who have an active Unlimited Plus License


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Config VMs for Backup

Configure VMs for backup

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Link an Altaro VM Dashboard

Linking Avmb

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CMC Operation Alerts

Operation alerts

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Click here to access the CMC or contact Sales for more information!

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