Back up to Azure with Altaro VM Backup v7.5!

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Altaro VM Backup v7.5 now supports backing up to Azure!

Until now Altaro VM Backup took a second backup copy to a local disk, network path or an Altaro Offsite Server. By adding support for Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage Accounts, users can now simply enter their account details and have their Offsite Copies stored in Azure.

Benefits of Altaro VM Backup v7.5 with Backup to Azure:

Uses Azure Block Blob storage which is the most cost effective Azure storage option

Restores from Azure to different Altaro VM Backup installations

Supports Altaro's compression, encryption and industry best deduplication; resulting in the lowest Azure storage requirements

Does not require a VM running in Azure; meaning further Azure savings

How it Works


Altaro VM backup v7.5 with Backup to Azure is only available to customers who have the "Unlimited Plus" edition of Altaro VM Backup.

Altaro VM Backup "Unlimited Plus" Pricing:

Purchase the Unlimited Plus edition: $875per host
Upgrade from Standard to Unlimited Plus edition: $414.00
Upgrade from Unlimited to Unlimited Plus edition: $287.50

Purchasing a new license or upgrading

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