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Altaro VM Backup provides Augmented Inline Deduplication

Altaro VM Backup's Augmented Inline Deduplication dramatically reduces storage requirements for your backup repository. It creates the smallest backup size, beating other vendors to provide the best Deduplication in the industry. And as more VM backups are added, the greater your savings on storage requirements.

Best deduplication in the industry - Altaro's signature Augmented Inline Deduplication

Altaro VM Backup with Augmented Inline Deduplication drastically reduces your storage requirements for your backup repository. When compared to other vendors, it is the best deduplication in the industry creating the smallest backup size. Our deduplication runs across all backup jobs, you don’t need to group virtual machines together (no use of post processing). Requiring the least amount of backup space is only one of the benefits;Augmented Inline Deduplication also improves backup and restore speed.

  • Much lower storage requirements. When compared to other vendors Altaro creates the smallest backup size!
  • Faster backup and restore speed (less data to transfer)
  • Savings on storage requirements continue to improve as more VM backups are added
  • Augmented Inline Deduplication doesn’t tax server performance
  • Best deduplication in the industry not only for creating the smallest backup size but uses Variable Block Size for best efficiency.
Inline Deduplication Competitors Data

How it works

Augmented Inline Deduplication means that common data is only transferred to the backup or offsite location ONCE. This process happens inline and not as a post-process like most competitors, which ensures that only changed data gets sent to your backup repository from the get go (rather than removing the identical data after the transfer). The result: Superior efficiency, drastically reduced backup storage requirements and blazing fast backup speeds.


This Augmented Inline Deduplication feature is only available to customers who have the "Unlimited Plus" and "Unlimited" editions of Altaro VM Backup.

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Purchase the Unlimited Plus edition: $875per host
Upgrade from Standard to Unlimited Plus edition: $322.00
Upgrade from Unlimited to Unlimited Plus edition: $207.00
Purchase the Unlimited edition: $695per host
Upgrade from Standard to Unlimited edition: $115per host

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