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Altaro EndPoint Backup for MSPs: Downloads

Altaro EndPoint Manager

The Altaro EndPoint Manager is server software that you must install on your premises or on a cloud virtual machine (VM) that you manage. Use in conjunction with Altaro EndPoint Agents (which establish connection to it) to manage operations and configure endpoints.

Click Here to Download the Altaro EndPoint Manager

Latest build: (~14 MB)
MD5 Checksum: 3305402F1D8D8A1D99EE3F9702347E43
SHA256: 2D7FEDDDC0AD7ECED5F697A3118BE051D9AAFC97A60541EE80A02C63BA0CF056

OS Support

The Altaro EndPoint Manager must be installed on a server operating system running Windows Server 2016 and up.

List of Changes (ChangeLog)

Altaro EndPoint Agent

Download the endpoint agent and install it on the machine you wish to back up. This is available both as an Exe file and as an MSI installer. Click here for information on how to deploy agents.