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The Price is Right:
The Definitive Guide to MSP Pricing

By Nick Cavalancia

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Ever wondered if you're scaring away customers by overcharging or leaving money on the table by undervaluing a service?

This eBook by MSP veteran Nick Cavalancia explains how to find the right balance and price MSP services fairly, sustainably, and of course, profitably!

Learn how to:

  • Understand what influences your price point
  • Calculate the actual cost of providing the service
  • Construct value-based prices

Finding the right price point is vital for MSP services and can make or break your business. Mistakes in pricing can result in a loss in profits, not enough sales, or damaging your perceived value. To ensure you’re optimizing your price points you should re-evaluate them regularly but adjusting existing prices brings its own problems and should only be done sparingly. You need to get it right from the start.

To guide you through this process, this eBook features several examples with calculations demonstrating the theory put into practice. This will help you replicate the process yourself and ensure that you price services to satisfy your customers and your profits.

With the steps provided in this eBook you’ll be able to make sure you always get the right price because you simply can’t afford to get it wrong!

Happy reading!

About the Author

Nick Cavalancia has over 25 years of enterprise IT experience, is an accomplished consultant, speaker, trainer, writer, and columnist, and has achieved industry certifications including MCSE, MCT, Master CNE and Master CNI. He has authored, co-authored and contributed to nearly two dozen books on Microsoft technologies. Nick regularly speaks, writes and blogs for some of the most recognized tech companies today on a variety of topics.