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Azure for MSPs – How to Sell Cloud Services

By Pete Roythorne

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Cloud services, such as those run through Microsoft Azure, can be hugely profitable and resource-efficient revenue streams for managed services providers. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can quickly spiral out of control due to hidden costs.

Azure for MSPs: How to Sell Cloud Services written by MSP consultant and technology author Pete Roythorne, draws upon years of experience helping MSPs set up cloud-based offerings to answer essential questions all MSPs face when selling Azure services, including:

  • How do I get started selling cloud services?
  • What value does the cloud offer my customers?
  • How do I price cloud services sensibly and profitably?
  • How can the cloud help my business stand out in a crowded market?
  • And more!

After reading this book you’ll have a clear idea of what steps need to be taken to bring cloud services to your market successfully.

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About the Author

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Pete Roythorne

Pete has been a technology writer for more than 10 years. He is a respected content creator with a primary focus on Managed Service Providers and has written extensively on security, backup, remote management and public cloud. He has worked with numerous key industry players and was previously the Head of Content at LOGICnow (now SolarWinds MSP). When he's not writing, Pete contributes to various channels helping MSPs identify market opportunities to grow their businesses.