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3 Steps for MSPs to Get Started with Backup-as-a-Service

By Nick Cavalancia

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In this eBook, IT Executive and technology author Nick Cavalancia, explains how to successfully add BaaS as an additional MSP revenue stream and important service to your customers.

Learn how to:

  • Clearly Define your BaaS Package
  • Design a Suitable Pricing Structure
  • Pitch and Sell the Service Effectively

Offering a new service to clients can be a daunting task for MSPs. There are costs to consider, delivery processes to figure out, and marketing strategies to put into place. These concerns are multiplied when it comes to something as important as backup services.

You really don’t want to get this one wrong.

Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) is quickly becoming a standard service for MSPs. Many end customers simply expect that data protection services will be available as part of their managed IT services, and many will simply go elsewhere if an MSP doesn’t offer it. Although setting up BaaS isn’t overly difficult, it’s something you can’t get wrong – lose a client’s data, you usually lose a client.

While many MSPs will quickly jump on the BaaS train, smarter MSPs will take the time to properly plan their approach and start out closer to the mastery end of the knowledge-spectrum than the opposite.

We’ve put together a guide that will help you do just that!

With the expert insights gained from this eBook you can go to market with your BaaS offering, confident in the knowledge that you’re fully prepared and providing the best possible service that you and your customers demand.

Happy reading!

About the Author

Nick Cavalancia has over 25 years of enterprise IT experience, is an accomplished consultant, speaker, trainer, writer, and columnist, and has achieved industry certifications including MCSE, MCT, Master CNE and Master CNI. He has authored, co-authored and contributed to nearly two dozen books on Microsoft technologies. Nick regularly speaks, writes and blogs for some of the most recognized tech companies today on a variety of topics.