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How to Become a PowerCLI Superhero - 5 Use-Cases to Get Started

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IT Pros are constantly being asked to do more with less. For vSphere environments, automation via PowerCLI can help ease the management burden of your infrastructure and make you the hero of your IT Department. It's time to unleash your potential - your vSphere automation superhero origin story starts here!

Join VMware vExperts Andy Syrewicze and Xavier Avrillier for a demo-heavy webinar demonstrating 5 powerful real-world applications anyone can deploy to get started with PowerCLI. You'll learn how to:

  • Install PowerCLI on Linux OSs
  • Test PowerCLI Cmdlets and scripts without impacting your production environment
  • Generate automated HTML reports on your infrastructure
  • Integrate vSphere automation efforts with 3rd party software
  • Build your own powerful deployment tool

After this webinar you'll be armed with the knowledge - and scripts - that will provide immediate value to your organization's vSphere deployment, and start your journey to becoming a PowerCLI superhero!

Watch this webinar and get a free copy of Xavier's 100+ page eBook PowerCLI: The Aspiring Automator's Guide!

Meet the Speakers

Andy Syrewicze

VMware vExpert

Andy is a 15+ year IT pro specializing in Virtualization, Storage, Cloud, and Infrastructure. By day he's a Technical Evangelist for Altaro, leading technical content and pre-sales. By night he shares his IT knowledge online or over a cold beer. He holds the Microsoft MVP award in Cloud and Datacenter Management, and one of few who is also a VMware vExpert.

Xavier Avrillier

VMware vExpert

Xavier started his IT career in the early 2010's and works as a freelance specialist in VMware technologies. Xavier is a 4-time VMware vExpert and holds several VMware VCP certifications. He grew a passion for scripting and automation ever since he first started using PowerCLI which offers a fine balance between technicity and creativity. Xavier also always tries to give back to the online community as much as possible on his blog and the VMware forums by sharing his knowledge and various scripts following the PowerShell mantra "Help and Get-Help".

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