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What is the Altaro Offsite Server (AOS)

The Altaro Offsite Server (AOS) is a free server application provided by Altaro for Altaro VM Backup users. The Altaro Offsite Server acts as a target for copying backups over to a remote location over a WAN connection.

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The Altaro Offsite Server is multi-tenant and is designed to allow for multiple users or customers to back up to the same offsite server. Separate user accounts and encryption keys ensure that users only have access to their own backup data.



The AOS supports Altaro’s Augmented Inline Deduplication technology which ensures excellent deduplication ratios on the source data before it is transferred. This reduces offsite copy durations and bandwidth requirements. Deduplication is performed across all virtual machines (VMs) for a customer / user or can also be extended across multiple customer backups if they use the same encryption key.

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WAN acceleration

Having a backup server installed offsite allows for Altaro VM Backup to optimise the way that it transfers VM changes over the WAN connection. This provides very efficient transfer of backup data, ensuring that only new data that has never been transferred before is sent over the network.


Encryption & Compression

You can enable encryption and compression on your VM backups.

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Easy installation

The Altaro Offsite Server can be installed on any Windows Server (2012+) machine.

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Public cloud deployment

Since Altaro Offsite Server can be installed on any Windows Server, it can be deployed to a VM running on Microsoft Azure or another public cloud. This allows MSPs and users to store their offsite copies in a cloud environment.



Altaro provides this server application with all editions of Altaro VM Backup, at no additional cost.

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For MSPs setting up a Backup as a Service (BaaS) offering

If you are an MSP who has set up a BaaS offering, you can:

  • Host and manage your end user offsite backups at your data centre or on a public cloud.
  • Use the Altaro Cloud Management Console to manage and monitor multiple Altaro offsite servers from a single pane of glass.
  • Get storage reports of both actual stored backup data on disk and source VM data (uncompressed and not deduplicated) so you can perform BaaS billing each month.