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Ransomware Protection leveraging Immutable Cloud Storage

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VM Backup (formerly Altaro VM Backup) is a fast, affordable, high-performance backup and replication solution. We've cut the waste and hassle to give you an agile, streamlined solution that is easy to implement and feature-rich, with outstanding 24/7 support as part of the package.

NEW: Ransomware Protection leveraging Immutable Cloud Storage

VM Backup (formerly Altaro VM Backup) leverages immutable cloud storage assuring data cannot be erased, modified, or deleted by anyone for a set duration.

  • Tamper-proof backup data whilst under the defined immutable policy
  • Peace of mind from ransomware attacks and rogue admins
  • Extra layer of security above the existing offsite storage functionality
  • No need for retaining unnecessary data and incurring high costs as retention operates seamlessly on the cloud repository
  • Available for Wasabi and Amazon S3 (with Microsoft Azure coming soon)
VM Backup v9 Immutable Cloud Storage

Up and running quickly, without the need for complex configurations

With VM Backup (formerly Altaro VM Backup), you can get started quickly: install and run your first virtual machine (VM) backup in less than 15 minutes, without the need for complex configurations, software dependencies, or steep learning curves.

VM Backup is designed to give you the reliability and performance you need, without hassle or complexity, so you can deliver value to your organization immediately and consistently.

  • Easy to use, intuitive UI - making it simple for you to implement a reliable backup strategy
  • Fast and simple to manage and configure backup/restore and replication tasks across multiple hosts
  • Full control – Monitor and manage all your Hyper-V and VMware hosts from a single console
  • A backup repository that optimizes disk space usage
  • Robust backup storage that supports large data repositories
  • Scalability allowing for a great number of hosts and Virtual Machines
  • No training required – VM Backup is user-friendly, and unlike competing products, doesn’t require you to achieve certification to be able to manage and run it

Up and running in less than 15 minutes!

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Powerful and fast centralized control: We've got your back

VM Backup (formerly Altaro VM Backup) simplifies the management and configuration of your backup and restore jobs across multiple hosts, freeing up your time.

  • Powerful functionality that's easy to use - Set your mind (and the minds of the users who depend on you!) at rest through VM Backup's high-performance functionality, including:
    • Ransomware Protection leveraging Immutable Cloud Storage - Data cannot be erased, modified or deleted by anyone for a set duration.
    • Augmented Inline Deduplication - Dramatically reduced storage requirements for backups.
    • WAN-Optimized Replication - VMs can be replicated to a remote site continuously, dramatically improving the Recovery Time Objective (RTO).
    • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) – VMs can be backed up as frequently as every 5 minutes, ensuring that in a data loss scenario, only a few minutes of data are lost, significantly optimizing the Recovery Point Objective (RPO).
    • Multiple offsite backup locations – Apart from your local backup, store backup copies of your VMs in multiple offsite locations (such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Wasabi or your own offsite servers) for added peace of mind. More info about a 3-2-1+ backup strategy.
    • Natively supports various cloud storage options - Optionally back up natively to Azure, Amazon S3 and Wasabi.
    • Grandfather-Father-Son Archiving (GFS) - You can also archive different backup versions by setting up separate backup cycles to store a new backup version every week, every month and every year.
    • And much more!
  • Flexibility without complexity – Simply drag and drop selected VMs to your chosen backup schedules and retention policies.
  • Central management of your installations – Use our ground-breaking cloud-based platform, to centrally manage and monitor all your Altaro VM Backup installations from a single online console. More info
  • Azure Stack HCI support – Back up any VMs running on Microsoft Azure Stack HCI. More info
  • 256-bit AES encryption – All offsite backup copies automatically benefit from 256-bit AES encryption through the secure passphrase you configure upon initial setup. Encryption is optional for local backups.
  • Support for two factor authentication (2FA) in our online management platform, Cloud Management Console (CMC).
  • Support for ReFS partitions - Back up and restore VMs on/to Hyper-V host with an ReFS partition, in addition to NTFS.
  • Physical server backups - Use Physical Server Backup to back up any physical machines on your network and restore them to a virtual environment – we're providing it for free.
  • Different purchasing options to meet your needs - Choose whether to purchase a perpetual license (with a renewable Software Maintenance Agreement) or an annual subscription – whatever works best for you! More info
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Our pledge to you: Outstanding 24/7 human support

No matter how great your backup setup is, things can go wrong, so we're committed to helping you ensure your solutions are up and running, right around the clock. We have a team of experts on standby; no chatbots, no gatekeepers, not even an answering machine for canned responses.

Quite simply, our experts are here, ready and waiting to answer your tech support queries on backup, Hyper-V and VMware, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a guaranteed call response time of less than 30 seconds.

This is what makes us the best in the industry:

  • Phone – We pick up in less than 30 seconds (current average is 22 seconds)
  • Email – We reply within the hour
  • Live chat – We reply in seconds
  • Human-to-human interaction – Liaise with an actual person rather than receiving a canned response
  • Speak directly to a product expert – No entry-level agents or 'gatekeepers'
  • Contact us at any time – We are here to help 24/7
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Virtual machine backup and replication software packed with powerful features for Hyper-V and VMware.

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“VM Backup is a hassle-free Virtual Machine backup solution for Hyper-V and VMware. It is affordably priced and backed by outstanding support.”

OS Support

  • Azure Stack HCI
  • Windows Server 2022
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Server (Core)
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  • VMware vCenter 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 6.7, 7.0 & 8.0
  • VMware vSphere 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 6.7, 7.0 & 8.0
  • VMware ESXi 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 6.7, 7.0 & 8.0
  • (Free VMware ESXi is not supported)
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What is virtual machine backup and replication for Hyper-V and VMware?

It is essential to have a backup and replication solution in place for Hyper-V and VMware to ensure business continuity, that is, ongoing uptime of systems and continuous access to data and applications. Downtime equates to a loss of time, money and resources for companies and organizations. To counteract this, a robust, reliable backup solution such as VM Backup ensures data protection and a speedy return to 'business as usual' should things go wrong. Having replication in place additionally ensures swift disaster recovery (DR).

To clarify further, let's take a step back: Many businesses and organizations adopt full or partial network virtualization, that is, they run various systems, libraries and programs on virtual machines (VMs). These VMs are hosted on hypervisors. The most popular hypervisors out there are currently Hyper-V and VMware.

As a wealth of data as well as core systems are run on VMs, it is essential for the companies and organizations using them to back up their VMs. This saves an organization time and money as it prevents information loss and downtime should something go wrong with their files (such as corrupted files) and servers – for example, as a result of flooding, fires, damage or disrepair – or even should a user delete essential data from the system.

By taking regular VM backups, the organization can simply restore the data when disaster happens. The more frequent the backups, the more recent the data that can be recuperated. And if you are using an effective solution like VM Backup, then you can also ensure faster recovery times too.

Replication enhances this further as it enables a company or organization to make an ongoing copy of its VMs to a remote site and to switch to that copy if anything goes wrong with the live VMs. VM Backup provides WAN-Optimized Replication functionality so that users can be back up and running in minimal time should disaster strike, providing disaster recovery and peace of mind.

How to use virtual machine backup and replication for Hyper-V and VMware?

When you have a virialized network, with virtual machines (VMs) hosted on Hyper-V and/or VMware hypervisors, you need to use a backup and replication solution to ensure data protection and business continuity. That way, if some of the data stored on your VMs is damaged, deleted or inaccessible for whatever reason, you and your users can rely on the backups you have taken in order to recover and access the missing data and continue working without disruption.

Replication builds on this as through it, if you lose your entire primary and secondary site, you can simply switch to the ongoing (replicated) copy you have made of your live VMs. This ensures an even faster recovery time and even less of a distribution.

To use virtual machine backup, you need to purchase a trusted backup and replication solution like VM Backup and install it on your system according to your needs. VM Backup provides enterprise-level functionality characterized by ease of use, speed, affordability and 24/7 support – and it only takes 15 minutes for you to set it up and take your first backup.

How does virtual machine backup and replication for Hyper-V and VMware work?

In the case of VM Backup, virtual machine backup and replication for Hyper-V and VMware works through a combination of different technologies that provide a layered approach. These include:

  • Advanced, enterprise-level functionality – Continuous data protection (CDP); WAN-Optimized Replication; Augmented Inline Deduplication; cloud backup to MS Azure, Amazon S3, and Wasabi; retention policies; GFS archiving; and more
  • Scalability – Central management capabilities for larger environments
  • Full support for Hyper-V Clusters (CSV & SMB3) and VMware vCenter
  • Optimized performance – Fast, small backups, easy on resources
  • A host of features such as:
    • Hot / Live backups - zero downtime on your VMs during backup
    • Backup of all guest Operating Systems - Linux, Unix, old Windows versions, etc.
    • Backup of Exchange / SQL VMs - Transaction logs for SQL and Exchange will be truncated
    • Change Block Tracking (CBT) - Real-time change tracking for both Hyper-V and VMware
    • Backup compression
    • Multiple offsite backup locations
    • Backup encryption - Military grade 256-Bit AES Encryption
    • Host-level concurrency & full control over backup operations

You can then restore your VMs as a full restore or a granular restore, e.g., file-level, Exchange item level and virtual disk restore. Additionally, you can benefit from instant data access through virtual disk mount and boot from backup.

Its replication for Hyper-V and VMware works by taking a copy of your virtual machines in an ongoing way to a remote offsite location. This provides ultimate business community as it means you have a constant disaster recovery (DR) site up and running, that you can switch to in seconds should the need arise. No restore time is required so you are up and running in no time at all.

How to install virtual machine backup and replication for Hyper-V and VMware?

Before you can install virtual machine backup and replication for Hyper-V and VMware, you first need to select the solution that is right for you.

Choose a reputable VM backup solution that is fast and easy to set up and use, without draining your budget or your resources. Check that it has the right functionality and robustness to ensure secure, reliable, swift and easy data recovery should a disaster occur. Another important factor is reliable vendor support that you can count on when you're facing a critical data loss incident. The best way to test out these variables is to install the VM backup software as a trial before you take the plunge and purchase the solution for your company or organization.

One solution that amply meets all these requirements is VM Backup and you can try it for free for 30 days with no commitment. That way, you can see for yourself how easy it is to install it on your systems and run it: You will be able to take your first backup in 15 minutes. That's hard to beat!

What are the advantages to virtual machine backup and replication for Hyper-V and VMware?

The advantages of using virtual machine backup and replication for Hyper-V and VMware include:

  • Business continuity
  • Data protection
  • Disaster recovery

With a solid VM backup, recovery and replication solution installed on your network, you can protect your data if anything happens to your VMs such as:

  • Corrupted files
  • Deleted files
  • Inaccessibility
  • Natural disasters, such as hurricanes and flooding
  • Fire
  • Power outages in one location
  • Ransomware or malware attacks.

In all these cases and more, by having a backup of your VMs and/or running a replicated copy of your VMs, then you can recover the missing or damaged data quickly and without fuss. That way, your team can continue working without delay or data loss.