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Take a Seed-to-Disk

A sample SessionToken will be used throughout this use case.
The sample SessionToken will be: e65aedeb-a0e7-440c-8309-1cc0bcd920db

To start a seed-to-disk, the AltaroVirtualMachineRef is required. This way, the API can be instructed which configured VM to perform the offsite copy on. Apart from this, the path where the operation is going to seed to is also required. Finally, when seeding to a UNC path, a set of credentials are also required. This are entirely optional and are not required when seeding to a local physical location. The following POST method starts a seed-to-disk operation on the VM. The response will contain a Success value, which states whether Altaro VM Backup managed to start the backup operation. When this is false, it means that something went wrong while the API was processing the request, but before sending it over to the Altaro Agent. When this occurs, it is generally due to an incorrect parameter, such as sending an AltaroVirtualMachineRef which does not exist. When the Success value is set to true, it does not mean that the operation is successful; it simply means that the operation could be processed by the API and could be successfully sent over to the Altaro Agent.



The path and credentials are passed in the HTTP body in the form of a JSON object. The parameters are the following:

  • Path: The physical or UNC path where the Altaro Agent is going to seed to. This could be something like C:\seed or \\path_to_unc. This parameter is required.
  • Username: The username which can access the UNC location. This is only required if seeding to a UNC path.
  • Password: The password of the above username. This is only required if seeding to a UNC path.
  • Domain: The domain of the above username. This is only required if seeding to a UNC path.

To monitor the activity and results of the operation, refer to the Take Backup operation above.


Note: A full list of available API commands can be found here