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14 July, 2020

Free endpoint backup solution for Managed Service Providers

Enables MSPs to back up their own network desktops and laptops at no cost

14 July, 2020: Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can now back up and restore files on their own network PCs and laptops for free thanks to Altaro, a one-stop-shop provider of award-winning backup solutions. This was announced today as part of the company's launch of its latest offering, Altaro EndPoint Backup for MSPs, a highly scalable solution that can protect thousands of Windows endpoints across multiple customers.

MSPs can benefit from a full-functioned edition of this solution at no cost for up to 10 of their own endpoints. This is being provided exclusively for their own internal use, and is not for resale or commercial use. To access it, they simply need to sign up for a 30-day trial of the product, following which they will retain the ongoing ability to back up and recover 10 of their internal endpoints per month for free.

Why back up on-premise and roaming endpoints?

Altaro EndPoint Backup for MSPs addresses a data protection gap faced by many companies and organizations. Employees tend to perform the bulk of their work on workstations and laptops. Even though many companies have policies requesting them to store their files on corporate network servers or in the cloud, the reality is that many end users save files on their desktops and laptops instead.

If these endpoints are lost, stolen or damaged, or if the employee deletes any data, there is no easy way for businesses and organizations to access and restore that data.

Enabling MSPs to produce managed endpoint backup services

Altaro's new solution gives MSPs an easy, reliable way to back up their customers' on-premise and roaming endpoints. For added convenience, they can manage and monitor the backups centrally through Altaro's ground-breaking multi-tenant online console.

The solution is available as a monthly subscription program, on a pay per use basis, with a minimum monthly starter pack of up to 10 endpoints.

Multi-tenant console to centrally manage backups across different Altaro solutions

Altaro's multi-tenant console provides MSPs with a single-pane-of-glass view of all their customer backups, not only for their endpoints, but also across all Altaro's other solutions, which include backup for Hyper-V and VMware VMs, physical Windows servers, Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes and files on OneDrive and SharePoint.

MSPs can select which backup service or services to provide per customer, and scale as their customers grow.

Free 30-day trial

MSPs can click here for further information or to sign up for a free 30-day trial, through which they can then receive their free, not-for-resale edition.

About Altaro

Altaro develops award-winning backup solutions for managed service providers (MSPs), IT resellers and companies. With 50,000+ customers in 121+ countries, 10,000 partners and 2,000+ MSPs, Altaro provides affordable enterprise-class functionality coupled with outstanding 24/7 tech support. Altaro is a one-stop-shop for all your backup and recovery needs, providing solutions for all key areas of your network, including Hyper-V and VMware virtual environments; Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes, OneDrive and SharePoint; roaming and on-premise endpoints such as network desktops and laptops; and physical Windows servers. Altaro also offers a monthly subscription program for MSPs, and is the only vendor on the market that enables MSPs to manage all their different types of backups from one central multi-tenant console, across all their customers. The company has offices in the US, the UK, Germany, France, North Macedonia and Malta.

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