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ATandberg Data and Altaro Partnership provides Hyper-V Backup to RDX® Users

Altaro Software, a fast-growing developer of Microsoft Hyper-V Backup Solutions, today announced its partnership with Tandberg Data, a global supplier of data protection solutions.

Tandberg Data and Altaro have teamed up to offer Tandberg Data’s RDX customers a free version of Altaro Hyper-V Backup that allows users to backup two VMs to an RDX QuikStor. If customers need to protect more than two VMs, additional editions of the software are available: the standard edition protects up to 5 VMs, and the unlimited edition protects an unlimited number of VMs and supporting clusters. Tandberg Data RDX customers are eligible for a 20% discount on the standard price. For more information and to download a copy of the Hyper-V Backup software, please visit

Through this partnership Tandberg Data also announced that its RDX QuikStor removable disk system has been certified with Altaro’s Hyper-V Backup software. The combined solution has been developed to make Hyper-V virtual machine (VM) backup simple, affordable and effective, allowing organisations to protect their VMs on their RDX QuikStor with a few easy steps.

With the rapid adoption of Hyper-V in the SMB space, these businesses need to back up their virtual machines with user friendly software, at an attractive price,” said Marije Gould, vice president of marketing at Tandberg Data. “RDX is the ideal backup technology for small and medium businesses. RDX cartridges are removable, reliable and rugged. Combined with Altaro’s easy to use, full featured yet affordable Hyper-V software, customers can be confident that their data is backed up securely.

Said David Vella, CEO of Altaro Software, "SMBs needing to protect their Hyper-V infrastructure will find an ideal solution in Altaro Hyper-V Backup coupled with Tandberg Data RDX technology. This combined solution will instantly ease the load on SMB administrators without breaking the bank."

About Altaro Hyper-V Backup

Altaro Software, a fast-growing developer of backup solutions for SOHOs and SMBs, and a Microsoft BizSpark Partner, has developed Hyper-V Backup from the ground up with two main objectives in mind: to allow SMBs to suitably protect their VMs without investing in costly solutions and/or expensive specialized IT staff, and to enable them to minimize VMs backup time. The software is fully Hyper-V aware, takes just five minutes to install and configure and does not require knowledge of the inner workings of Hyper-V. This is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that often do not have large IT support staff.

In addition, by taking advantage of Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) technology, Altaro’s offering allows hot backups, ensuring that the virtual machines can keep running smoothly even during the actual backup process. In addition to this, Hyper-V backup also supports CSV clusters, often deployed by SMBs to create high-availability environments.

About RDX

Tandberg Data’s industry leading removable disk technology, RDX, is a disk-based removable storage system with portable cartridges that combines the benefits of tape—reliability, portability, archive life and low cost—with the speed, random access and ease of use of hard disk technology.

Customers can choose from a range of RDX cartridge capacities, including 160GB, 320GB, 500GB, 640GB and 1TB, and a range of SSD (solid-state disk) cartridges up to 512GB. All RDX cartridges are removable for off-site storage, disaster recovery and archival applications. With transfer rates up to 650GB/hr, RDX allows users to access any file in milliseconds while cutting their backup window from hours to minutes. In addition, the RDX technology’s forward compatibility enables users to preserve their technology investment because all future RDX cartridges will work in today’s systems.

About Tandberg Data

Tandberg Data is a leading global supplier of data protection solutions for the SMB. Tandberg Data offers a wide product portfolio, ranging from RDX removable disk, disk-based solutions, deduplication software, tape drives, tape automation and media for small and medium-sized organizations. All solutions are supported through a worldwide service and support network, recognized globally for its outstanding levels of service. In addition to the standard warranty and support offerings, on-site service upgrades provide Tandberg Data customers with further peace of mind. Tandberg Data markets its solutions exclusively through a global channel of qualified resellers and distributors. This channel model is supported by OEM agreements with major server manufacturers including Fujitsu, HP, Hitachi, IBM, Lenovo, NEC and Toshiba. For further information, please visit

About Altaro Software

Founded in 2009, Altaro Software is a fast-growing developer of user-friendly backup solutions aimed at SMBs. Altaro employs an enthusiastic team who understands that one way to innovate continuous data protection (CDP) technology is by taking a step back from the implementation details to understand the customer’s objectives, requirements and resources. Altaro’s products including Oops!Backup, Backup FS and Hyper-V Backup are available worldwide from Altaro and its network of value added resellers. For further information please visit