London, UK, 20th July 2016

Altaro VM Backup now up to 33 times faster

New Change Block Tracking (CBT) completes backups up to 33 times faster.

Altaro Software, a fast growing developer of virtual backup solutions for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware, today announced the release of Altaro VM Backup v6.5.

With Altaro VM Backup v6.5, incremental backups can be completed up to 33 times quicker thanks to Change Block Tracking (CBT) for Hyper-V Virtual Machines, which reduces backup duration significantly by eliminating the need to scan for changes before each backup, a step that normally takes up most of the incremental backup duration.

“Since day one, our aim has been to improve our product based off our customers’ feedback. CBT was the number one requested feature for the past 6 months, so it was something we simply had to focus on” said David Vella, CEO of Altaro. “This will speed up back up times by up to 33 times, making this an important step for the company.”

“Our aim from day one has been to listen to customer feedback and with v6.5 we’re introducing the most popularly requested feature we received over the past 6 months: CBT” said David Vella, CEO of Altaro. “By drastically increasing the speed of Hyper-V VM backups Altaro VM Backup provides our users with even more value, while still being one of the most affordable backup solutions for Hyper-V and VMware out there.”

Built specifically for small and mid-market businesses with up to 50 host servers, Altaro VM Backup is a reliable, intuitive and feature-rich backup solution for Hyper-V and VMware solution that is used by over 30,000 customers to back up and restore their virtual machines.

Pricing and availability

Altaro VM Backup 6.5 with CBT is available in three editions:

Customers who have a valid SMA are eligible for a FREE upgrade.

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About Altaro
Altaro is a fast-growing developer of easy to use and affordable backup solutions for small and mid-market businesses, specializing in backup for virtualized environments.

Altaro has grown rapidly over the years with their flagship solution Altaro VM Backup, which gained traction as the natural choice for Hyper-V and VMware VM backups.

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