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Virtual Machine Backup and Replication for MSPs

Use our monthly subscription program to provide robust Hyper-V, VMware and physical server backup services to all your customers from a central online console at the most accessible price in the industry.

Start your 30-day trial and get started in less than 15 minutes

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An award-winning backup solution trusted by 2,000+ satisfied MSPs

Satisfy your customers' virtual machine and physical server backup needs with our MSP program, which allows you to pay per VM per month with the flexibility to set your own pricing model.

Why choose us for your MSP business?

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Reliable backup service

Provide your customers with reliable VM and physical Windows server backup and recovery services (BaaS), charging a monthly fee for managing their backups on their or your servers.

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Centrally manage all your customers' VM and physical server backups and replications through our multi-tenant Control Panel.

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Praise-winning 24/7 support

Outstanding 24/7 support with prompt call pickup of less than 30 seconds. An industry best!

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Pay per VM

Pay per VM (and any physical servers) per month at the most accessible price in the industry with no upfront fees.

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Recurring revenue

Charge your customers a monthly recurring fee for backups, your services and (optionally) storage used.

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No contracts

Minimum monthly subscription of up to 10 VMs per month, with no binding contracts; scale up to 1,000s of machines.

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Provide offsite storage

Back up and replicate your customers' VMs and any physical servers to their servers, the cloud or your own servers and bill for storage used.

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Onsite to onsite, offsite and cloud backup

Choose your preferred backup and recovery model: You can back up onsite VMs to the cloud or to other onsite or offsite locations.

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Access to all features

Access the most current and feature-rich version of VM Backup Unlimited Plus Edition to use across all your customers, at no extra fee.

  • "Being able to manage all of our clients from one console has been huge for us. In the MSP world, time is everything and being able to see it all from one place is one of the best features of this product."

    Michael Edde,
    President and CEO
    Alpha Omega Testimonial
  • "Your monthly pay-per-use program is really important for us… It's key that we can scale up and down rapidly for clients… It's beneficial for us not to be tied in to any long-term contracts."

    Simon Dix,
    Technical Director
    Chorus msp testimonial
  • "The multitenancy solution is very important to us... to keep an eye on backups. With its global view of everything, we can go to one website and see everything from there."

    Charles Swihart,
    Pre Active It Solutions Testimonial

Small to Medium MSPs

Grow your MSP business faster with our program

  • Multi-tenant online console - Save time and money through centralized, hassle-free management of all your customers
  • Pay per VM and any physical Windows servers backed up per month at the most accessible price in the industry
  • Start small and scale up to 1,000s of machines – No binding contracts
  • Get up and running fast – take your first backup in under 15 minutes
  • Outstanding 24/7 support - Instant, expert help at your fingertips, as part of the package
"[I] get support from different companies including the biggest out there, and I have never received better support than with your team."
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Large MSPs

Benefit from personalized, speedy service by partnering with us

  • Multi-tenant online console – Manage all your customers through one central view, for easy monitoring and billing
  • Quick and easy to use, ensuring customer satisfaction while freeing up your team for other tasks
  • Scalable to fit your needs – Easily manage 1,000s of machines across 100s of customers
  • Dedicated 24/7 support – Speak direct to experts, fast; call response of <30 seconds; no gatekeepers
"Restoring from backups is a breeze and we can be fully confident that the backup is robust …"
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Systech It solution

"The Control Panel makes it easy for us to manage our clients' backups on their behalf… The solution is also straightforward to test restores, so I don't have any sleepless nights worrying that backups won't work when we need them."

Stephen Whelan

Stephen Whelan

Technical Manager,
Integrity IT Solutions Integrity It Solutions

"We've recently switched from Veeam to your MSP Program, and we are already starting to see and experience the benefits over our former Veeam partnership. I can safely say that you will be the go-to solution for DR/BaaS for us and other partners like ourselves."

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Join our flexible and affordable monthly subscription program (where you simply pay per VM and any physical Windows server per month) and you will get:

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VM Backup
Unlimited Plus Edition

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Provide your customers with the benefit of all the backup, replication and recovery functionality in VM Backup (formerly Altaro VM Backup).



  • Boot from backup
  • File-level restore
  • Exchange item-level restore
  • Restore VMs to a different host


  • Central multi-tenant management, with two factor authentication (2FA)
  • Augmented inline deduplication (64% average storage savings)
  • Flexible scheduling & queue
  • All offsite backup copies are automatically 256-bit AES encrypted
  • vCenter & CSV support
  • Grandfather-Father-Son archiving (GFS)
  • Sandbox restore & backup verification


Learn more about VM Backup's features

Control Panel (CP)

MSP CMC Video Altaro



  • Monitor all your customers' backup usage through the CP – with the option to retrieve the data via an API call – and manage their billing
  • Get a detailed breakdown of all backups per customer per month
  • Push upgrades, backup configurations and license keys to multiple VM Backup installations quickly
  • Grant CP access to your customers
View screenshots
CMC Dashboard Screen shoot
Config VMs for Backup
CMC Dashboard Reports
Link an Altaro VM Dashboard
MSP Customers Dashboard
CMC Operation Alerts

"You have provided a product that is very reliable. It is very easy to implement, and it just works. It doesn't get any simpler than that. In a disaster recovery scenario, I have full confidence in restoring a backup."

Ed Klotz

Co-Founder and Vice Present of Design & Implementation,
Trinitas Technology Group

"It's a genuine one-stop disaster recovery shop for MSPs… a pleasant, easy-to-use program that was easy to set up… And it is easy to see at a glance where we are in relation to continuity, especially thanks to the solution's multi-tenant management console."

Brett Casterton

Technical Director,

Pay based on usage, per VM, per month

No upfront costs
Starter pack covering up to 10 VMs per month
24/7, lightning-fast support included
You can then also back up any physical Windows servers, paying per physical server per month
Unbeatable value – highly affordable
Scale up or down; able to scale to 1000s of machines
Complete this form to receive our pricing for MSPs by email:

Why we request your email address:
Our MSP community has told us they prefer us not to publish our prices, because of the value add they then give to their customers. Please email us for pricing or fill out the form above.

Pricing FAQs

What is included in the price?

The monthly subscription fee per VM backed up includes access to the multi-tenant cloud management console as well as all features of VM Backup Unlimited Plus Edition across all your customers, and outstanding 24/7 support.

Apart from that, you also have the option to back up any physical Windows servers at an additional fee per physical server per month. Click here for further information and a Price Comparison.

Do customers require a separate product license?

No, your customers do not need to purchase separate licenses. You pay us one all-inclusive fee per month. There are no additional costs involved.

Do I have to subscribe to Altaro Office 365 Backup for MSPs (and Altaro EndPoint Backup for MSPs) as well as VM Backup (formerly Altaro VM Backup)?

It is your choice. If you wish to subscribe to more than one of our MSP programs, you can choose which backup services to provide per customer, benefiting from flexibility, convenience and one centralized monthly invoice.

How does it work if I use Altaro Office 365 Backup for MSPs and/or Altaro EndPoint Backup for MSPs as well as VM Backup (formerly Altaro VM Backup)?

If you subscribe to one or more of these products, all of them are accessible via your account on the Control Panel (CP). When using the CP, you simply need to select which product you want to use – you can switch from one product to the other in the CP.

Can I delete my account at any time?

Subscription is monthly, with the possibility of stopping at any time. Other providers within the industry require single or multi-year contracts.

I would like to switch from trial to paid subscription. What should I do?

Follow the instructions here or send an email to sales.

Check out our Support Center or email Sales for a quick reply.

"Your product has saved the day more times than I can count. We've been able to restore a failed server onto completely new hardware in a morning, without any concerns about missing media. It's also incredibly simple for us to perform routine test restores into a separate environment without any disruption to the customer."

Paul Roach

Verus Solutions

"The product is easy to install and manage, especially through its Control Panel, where we have a single view of all our clients' installations. This makes the total cost for our clients go down and our daily lives easier."

Patrick Stark

ps-tech GmbH
What is VM Backup for MSPs?

If you use a virtualized environment, you need a VM backup solution to be able to back up, replicate and recover the data on your virtual machines hosted on Hyper-V and VMware environments. But not all companies or organizations want to do this for themselves; some prefer to have this done for them via a managed service provider or MSP. If you are an MSP, you therefore need a solution that enables you to provide VM backup services to your customers. That's where VM backup for MSPs comes in.

Some VM backup solutions for MSPs – such as VM Backup for MSPs – not only enable you to back up and replicate your customers' VMs (and physical servers) but also allow you to manage and monitor backups across all your customers via one central multi-tenant console.

As an MSP, this provides you with greater convenience and speed, so that you can provide a more efficient, timely service to your customers while earning a revenue stream by charging them for your services. As a result, the VM backup solution you use must also allow you to easily track what backups you are making per customer for easy billing.

How to use VM Backup for MSPs for your business?

If you are a business or organization, you must decide if you want a VM backup solution that you purchase, install and administer for yourself, such as VM Backup, or whether to instead select a managed service provider (or MSP) to provide this service for you for a monthly or annual fee. If you opt for the latter, then your provider must use a dedicated solution offering VM Backup for MSPs.

As a company or organization subscribing to a manged backup service, ensure that your MSP is using a reputable VM backup solution to back up, replication and recover your VMs. Also, the MSP must have the means to keep a constant eye on your backups to ensure everything is progressing as required. You also want to ensure that, should they encounter any difficulties, they have a solid customer support team to rely on at the vendor. They also need an easy, reliable way to keep track of what VMs they are backing up for you per month. For peace of mind, you can guide your MSP to look into a reputable, tried and tested VM backup solution for MSPs such as VM Backup for MSPs.

What opportunities does the MSP program provide you?

Our MSP Program includes a range of backup and recovery solutions for MSPs. They are available on a monthly subscription and they give managed service providers a convenient single-pane-of-glass view. We enable MSPs to avoid the headache of dealing with multiple vendors and allows them to receive one monthly bill across all their Altaro customers.

An MSP can select which backup services to provide per customer and can then manage and monitor those backups from a central online console. We are the only vendor to enable MSPs to manage all the different types of backups across all their customers from one multi-tenant location. MSPs can choose to provide one or all of these backup services:

You simply pay per usage per month, with award-winning 24/7 support as part of the package.

Our MSP program enables you as a manged service provider to:

  • Provide backup and recovery services – Benefit from our one-stop-shop for backup and recovery services, and meet your customers' backup requirements with ease.
  • Multi-tenancy – Hassle-free management and monitoring of all your customer backups through our ground-breaking Control Panel.
  • Pay per month – Pay per VM, physical server, endpoint and/or Microsoft Office 365 user, per month at the most accessible price in the industry.
  • Recurring revenue – Charge your customer for backup and your value added services per month and enjoy the flexibility to set your own pricing.
  • No binding contracts – No commitment required, other than minimum monthly starter subscriptions.
  • Purpose-built for MSPs – Our MSP Program gives you a unified experience, with a single point of contact, one monthly invoice, and a central pane of glass to manage all your customer backups.
  • Flexibility – It's up to you which backup services you provide per customer: Hyper-V, VMware, physical Windows servers, endpoints, MS/Office 365, OneDrive and SharePoint.
  • Unlimited scalability – Scale up or down as needed and cross-sell and up-sell to meet customer needs.
  • Award-winning 24/7 support – 24/7 support is part of the package, with guaranteed call pickup of less than 30 seconds. An industry best!
How, where and for how long we can view backups?

When it comes VM Backup (formerly Altaro VM Backup), we do not store the backed up data. Data storage rests with the company or with the MSP, depending on each organization's individual setup. This means the user either has total control of the backups, either directly or through the MSP, and can therefore define how long to retain and view backups.

Where should I install VM Backup (formerly Altaro VM Backup), and what OSs are supported?

To get started, download and install VM Backup on a machine running one of the following supported Windows OSs:

  • Azure Stack HCI
  • Windows Server 2022
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows 2008 R2

This will be the machine managing your backup configuration and where the backups will be processed.