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4 Important Lessons for MSPs
From My Worst Customer Incidents

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Improve and grow your MSP business by learning from the experiences of MSP Owner and Chief Operating Officer John Hey alongside our very own Andy Syrewicze, covering:

  • Common response breakdowns and solutions
  • Communication blunders and how to avoid them
  • Picking the right tool (or person) for the job
  • And much more!

Running an MSP isn't easy. You have a team to manage, customers to keep happy, and an industry that changes daily. With the craziness that goes on during daily operations, there are inevitably times where things don't go according to plan.

All MSPs experience it. A customer reports an issue - maybe a mission critical server goes belly up, or an internet connection goes down - and for whatever reason, your response doesn't go as well as you'd have liked. There are many moving parts to an MSP, and all the parts must work together like a fine-tuned machine. If they don't, your customer satisfaction suffers. It happens, but what next?

What differentiates a good MSP from a great one is how they learn from these incidents. What changes should you make following a poor customer response to help prevent it from occurring again? It’s easier said than done and some people have a tough time recognizing what went wrong.

We're here to help!

In this webinar, Microsoft MVP Andy Syrewicze is joined by experienced MSP professional John Hey to explain the steps you should take to ensure bad customer incidents become positive business experiences, using real case studies. Equipped with this knowledge you’ll be able to grow your MSP by enhancing your customer success and growing your reputation as a reliable and trusted partner.

As always, we’ll follow the webinar with a live Q&A session. Do you have a MSP related question or even a real-life case study you’re wondering how best to solve? Come with your questions in hand and let John and Andy help you out!

We’ll see you there!

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Meet the Speakers

Andy Syrewicze


Cloud & Data Management MVP

Technical Evangelist - Altaro

Andy is a 15+ year IT pro specializing in Virtualization, Storage, Cloud, and Infrastructure. By day he’s a Technical Evangelist for Altaro, leading technical content and pre-sales. By night he shares his IT knowledge online or over a cold beer. He holds the Microsoft MVP award in Cloud and Datacenter Management, and one of few who is also a VMware vExpert.

John Hey

Linkedin Profile

Chief Operating Officer at Trivalent Group, Inc

John is a tenured MSP owner, and business professional that has multiple layers of executive experience in building and guiding a diverse professional services organization and driving corporate strategy. John's goals are to take Trivalent Group to the next level of success through efficiency, competency, and culture. John's specialties include: Project management, Consulting, Face to Face Sales, Motivation, Negotiation, Mergers and Acquisition, and Marketing.