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Altaro VM Backup and Connectwise Automate (Labtech Integration)

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Through this integration, Altaro VM Backup will create Alerts within the Labtech console, and also open tickets for any failure results, this is done through a plugin to be installed in the Labtech Control Center.

Note: Tickets raised in Labtech Control Center can also be raised automatically in the Connectwise Manage PSA system.

To download the ConnectWise Automate Plugin, click the button below.

The integration of ConnectWise Automate (Labtech) with Altaro VM Backup Cloud Management Console is no longer being actively developed. You can still configure your backup alerts to integrate with the ConnectWise Control Center in its current form; however, no support is being provided for this plugin.

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Click here for more information on how to install the plugin.

Altaro VM Backup Cloud Management Console (CMC)

Altaro's CMC is a web based management tool for Altaro VM Backup built to allow IT departments and end users, to monitor and manage all their installations from a single online console.

Altaro and ConnectWise Automate Integration Screenshots

Vm Backup PLugin

Configure the Altaro VM Backup Plugin

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CMC Instalation Vm Backup

Link your installation to Altaro VM Backup Cloud Management Console

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