You may recall our webinar in December, in which we invited over MVP Thomas Maurer to join our own MVP Andy Syrewicze in discussing Windows Server 2016 Licensing including a Q&A. Those of you who subscribed received an accompanying eBook written by Eric Siron, who goes into great depth about Licensing a Windows Server 2016 environment. The eBook is a comprehensive look at everything a system administrator needs to fully license a Windows Server 2016 environment, and we’re now releasing it for everyone to download.

What’s in this eBook?

Microsoft provides special benefits for its Windows Server operating systems when they are used in a virtual environment. The details are not complicated, but usually, catch the uninitiated by surprise. To make matters worse, there is a great deal of misinformation being passed around. This eBook serves as a simple guide to basics of Microsoft Server licensing in a virtual environment. This eBook is written for Windows Server 2016, and is application when this operating system is running under any hypervisor.




Who should read this eBook?

This eBook is written for small business owners, small/medium business principals and system administrators, any technical staff involved with software licensing, and any other staff involved in software licensing compliance, all in an environment using Microsoft Windows Server software. Failure to comply with license agreements can result in legal action and large fines. If you are uncertain where to even being on the subject of licensing, this is a good place to start.