We love it when our customers talk about how they’re using Altaro Hyper-V Backup in their environments. Mark Kleine, an Altaro customer and IT manager, wrote an excellent post on how to set up Altaro Hyper-V Backup to use Azure as its offsite backup storage location. Great post, thank you Mark!

Most of our organizations are subject to disasters of at least one kind or another. Hurricanes, super storms, floods, fires, or our favorite, tornadoes. Recently, about three of the largest tornadoes every recorded passed within 10 mile of our facilities. While our backup procedures have been strong, we hadn’t made use of the newer backup tools that optimize rebuilding Hyper-V servers.

So, this project was born. We researched products from Veeam, and Unitrends but unfortunately couldn’t get these two to work in our application. One day, an advertisment for Altaro’s new Hyper-V v4 product popped up on my Spiceworks Community page. I gave the demo a try and in a few minutes I was able to start making a local backup.

The second part of this project was to get the data off-site. I had been working with Amazon’s Glacier project, and really liked the cost and the ‘hard drive transfer’ option, but with Altaro’s reverse delta process, that meant full data transfers every night, increasing bandwidth requirements and costs, because Glacier has 90 day minimums on their data storage.

After a trip back to the drawing board, we looked at using Altaro’s Backup Server free product. Using this on top of a Microsoft’s Azure server, we believe that we’ve found a winner. Altaro’s Hyper-V backup software is able to transfer only the nightly diff files, optimized for WAN delivery, from our location to the Azure server. Once the diff files arrive at Azure, the Altaro Backup Server creates the reverse delta based files, that allow for a quick restore. A second project, and another how-to, will discuss how we plan to rebuild these servers on the Azure platform should an actual disaster occur, or during a test situation.

Read the full post here (SpiceWorks community): Setting up Altaro Hyper-V Backup with Off-site Storage on Azure

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