How to Deploy Hyper-V Guests with Windows Deployment Services

31 Aug 2017 by Eric Siron0

Most Hyper-V literature focuses on installation and maintenance of the hypervisor. Most of the rest of it focuses on maintenance and operation of virtual machines. We don't talk very much...

How to Deploy Hyper-V Hosts with Windows Deployment Services

29 Aug 2017 by Eric Siron0

You can find any number of ways to deploy physical systems. Once upon a time, I enjoyed the process of starting with install media and going through all the motions...

How to Build the Perfect Hyper-V Test Environment

24 Aug 2017 by Richard Siddaway0

One task that seems to come up on a rather frequent basis is the request from project X to build them a test environment. They have a new application to...

6 Hardware Tweaks that will Skyrocket your Hyper-V Performance

17 Aug 2017 by Eric Siron7

Few Hyper-V topics burn up the Internet quite like "performance". No matter how fast it goes, we always want it to go faster. If you search even a little, you'll...

Hyper-V Key-Value Pair Data Exchange Part 3: Linux

15 Aug 2017 by Eric Siron0

Some time ago, I discovered uses for Hyper-V Key-Value Pair Data Exchange services and began exploiting them on my Windows guests. Now that I've started building Linux guests, I need...

How to Write C/C++ Code for Linux using Hyper-V and Visual Studio

03 Aug 2017 by Eric Siron0

Microsoft has definitely been bringing the love for Linux lately! I've used Linux more in 2017 than in the entirety of my previous career combined. Microsoft made that happen. Recently,...

How to Use Hyper-V and Kali Linux to Securely Wipe a Hard Drive

01 Aug 2017 by Eric Siron0

The exciting time has come for my wife's laptop to be replaced. After all the fun parts, we've still got this old laptop on our hands, though. Normally, we donate...

How to Change Virtual Switch & VLAN During Hyper-V Live Migration

27 Jul 2017 by Eric Siron0

Luke wrote a fantastic article that detailed how to use Compare-VM to Live Migrate a Hyper-V virtual machine to a host with a different virtual switch name. What happens if...

4 Important Azure IaaS features Webinar – Q & A Follow-Up

25 Jul 2017 by Andy Syrewicze0

Hello Everyone! On July 18th, we put on a webinar with Aidan Finn regarding Azure IaaS and Hybrid Cloud. The webinar was well attended, and we got some great questions...

How to Migrate from Hyper-V to VMware – Webinar Q&A Follow Up

13 Jul 2017 by Andy Syrewicze0

Hello once again everyone! Back on June 27th we put on a webinar that was focused around helping Hyper-V Administrators migrate to the VMware platform. I find that this is...

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