Free Hyper-V Scripts & Tools

Why You Should Be Compacting Your Hyper-V Virtual Disks

20 Feb 2018 by Eric Siron

The reasons, prerequisites, and steps necessary to reclaim unused space from your dynamically-expanding VHDXs. Includes PowerShell Tool for Compacting VHDX Files.

Free Hyper-V Script: Virtual Machine Storage Consistency Diagnosis

12 Dec 2017 by Eric Siron

Free PowerShell script that identifies inconsistencies in the distribution of files on a virtual machine. Includes guide to use and associated parameters

7 Powerful Scripts for Practical Hyper-V Network Configurations

23 Nov 2017 by Eric Siron

Get a quick start in configuring networking on a new Hyper-V host. Several scripts are included with appropriate presets for different uses.

Free Tool: Advanced Settings Editor for Hyper-V Virtual Machines

18 Apr 2017 by Eric Siron

Download the advanced settings editor tool for Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Machines! Easily edit complex configurations for your deployment!

Free Hyper-V Script: Update WDS Boot ID for a Virtual Machine

21 Mar 2017 by Eric Siron

Use this Free Script from Eric to update Windows Deployment Services Boot ID for a VM in Hyper-V. WSD is great when you discover it - check it out here.

Nagios for Hyper-V: Alert on Low Cluster Shared Volume Space

05 Jan 2017 by Eric Siron

This free script for Cluster Shared Volumes looks for a CSV, finds out total space and how much is free, calculated the percentage and gives you it's status.

Nagios for Hyper-V: Required Cluster Base Script

03 Jan 2017 by Eric Siron

This Nagios script is required for other scripts that focus on cluster functionality, and it is presented separately from other Hyper-V Scripts.

Free Hyper-V Script: Completely Delete a Virtual Machine

03 Nov 2016 by Eric Siron

Avoid the hassle of deleting a virtual machine by running this procedural script that will completely delete a Hyper-V Virtual Machine in one sweep.

Hyper-V and the Small Business: Sample Host Builds

26 May 2016 by Eric Siron

Eric compiled three hyper-V sample host builds to assist system administrators with storage, memory, cpu and network components of hyper-v hosts.

Finding your way in IT: What type of sysadmin will you be?

19 May 2016 by Eric Siron

Choosing a career in IT can take many paths. We discuss some of the most important thought points to choose and develop your Systems Administrator role.

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