Free Hyper-V Scripts & Tools

Free Tool: Advanced Settings Editor for Hyper-V Virtual Machines

18 Apr 2017 by Eric Siron6

  Hyper-V's various GUI tools allow you to modify most of the common virtual machine settings. With the Hyper-V PowerShell module, you can modify a few more. Some settings, however,...

Free Hyper-V Script: Update WDS Boot ID for a Virtual Machine

21 Mar 2017 by Eric Siron2

  For quite some time, I've been wanting to write an article on the wonders of Windows Deployment Services (WDS) and Hyper-V. Most of the other techniques that we use...

Nagios for Hyper-V: Alert on Low Cluster Shared Volume Space

05 Jan 2017 by Eric Siron2

This article's script could be run on any Windows cluster that uses Cluster Shared Volumes. It is simple: it looks for the CSV that you specified, finds out its total...

Nagios for Hyper-V: Required Cluster Base Script

03 Jan 2017 by Eric Siron2

This script will be required for other scripts that will focus on cluster functionality. It is presented separately from the Hyper-V scripts because its commands will only be useful in...

Free Hyper-V Script: Completely Delete a Virtual Machine

03 Nov 2016 by Eric Siron8

From my own library, my favorite Hyper-V script is the orphaned file locator. It would be nice, though, if such a script weren't necessary. I believe that you should be...

Hyper-V and the Small Business: Sample Host Builds

26 May 2016 by Eric Siron11

  I get quite a few requests to assist with sizing of hosts, and I turn all of them away. Some of it is that I can't offer free consulting...

Finding your way in IT: What type of sysadmin will you be?

19 May 2016 by Eric Siron4

  Happy SysAdmin Day 2016! Join our contest for system administrator appreciation day & win vouchers worth $25. Join now! I've been working with computers professionally for nearly 20 years and...

A Free PowerShell Script to Configure a Hyper-V Host

22 Mar 2016 by Eric Siron0

Occasionally, I mention that I use saved scripts to auto-configure the Hyper-V hosts in my lab. Small, homegrown tools like this are perfect for smaller installations that can't justify enterprise...

Free PowerShell Script: Quickly Configure Constrained Delegation for Hyper-V

23 Feb 2016 by Eric Siron4

Do you need to Live Migrate a Hyper-V guest from one unclustered host to another? Would you like to give your Hyper-V host the ability to directly mount ISO files...

Scripting and Automation in Hyper-V – Webinar Follow Up

21 Jan 2016 by Andy Syrewicze0

Back on the 10th of Dec. some of you may recall that Thomas Maurer and I did a webinar on Scripting and Automation in Hyper-V. We had a number of questions throughout...

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