Hyper-V & PowerShell

Why Your Hyper-V PowerShell Commands Don’t Work (and how to fix them)

14 Sep 2017 by Eric Siron1

I occasionally receive questions about Hyper-V-related PowerShell cmdlets not working as expected. Sometimes these problems arise with the module that Microsoft provides; other times, they manifest with third-party tools. Even...

How to Patch Hyper-V virtual machines through PowerShell Direct

06 Jun 2017 by Richard Siddaway0

In my post introducing PowerShell Direct I showed how you could use PowerShell Direct to create, and use, a PowerShell remoting session over the VM bus instead of using WSMAN. So, what...

PowerShell Script: Change Advanced Settings of Hyper-V Virtual Machines

27 Apr 2017 by Eric Siron4

  Each Hyper-V virtual machine sports a number of settings that can be changed, but not by any sanctioned GUI tools. If you're familiar with WMI, these properties are part...

Undocumented Changes to Hyper-V 2016 WMI

13 Apr 2017 by Eric Siron0

  We all know that IT is an ongoing educational experience. Most of that learning is incremental. I can only point to a few times in my career in which...

Introduction to PowerShell Direct

06 Dec 2016 by Richard Siddaway1

Virtualisation is a great thing – without we’re back to building physical servers and all the fun that entails. When I’m presenting at conferences I’ll often build a number of...

How to Install the Hyper-V PowerShell Module

01 Nov 2016 by Eric Siron2

The best combination of power and simplicity for controlling Hyper-V is its PowerShell module. The module's installable component is distinct from the Hyper-V role, and the two are not automatically...

The Ultimate Guide to Hyper-V Remote Management with PowerShell

18 Oct 2016 by Eric Siron6

The most common complaints that I see regarding Hyper-V are somehow related to management. When it comes to GUI tools, our options are all just barely on the high side...

PowerShell Script: Deploy VMs, and Configure the Guest OS in one Go on Hyper-V

20 Sep 2016 by Andy Syrewicze8

I've been prepping for a lot of different speaking engagements coming up in the next few months and a very hot topic these days is the use of PowerShell and...

Free PowerShell Script: Use WSUS to Update Installation Media and Hyper-V Templates

06 Sep 2016 by Eric Siron56

In several articles and other works, I make the claim that backing up a Hyper-V host is largely a waste of time. A separate practice is to maintain templates and...

Using File Server Resource Manager to Screen for Ransomware

06 Sep 2016 by Luke Orellana16

The File Server Resource Manager role provides many features. File screening, in particular, can be used to help mitigate damage from a ransomware attack. With file screening, file servers can be...

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