Hyper-V & PowerShell

Free Hyper-V Script: Virtual Machine Storage Consistency Diagnosis

12 Dec 2017 by Eric Siron0

Free PowerShell script that identifies inconsistencies in the distribution of files on a virtual machine. Includes guide to use and associated parameters

7 Powerful Scripts for Practical Hyper-V Network Configurations

23 Nov 2017 by Eric Siron0

Get a quick start in configuring networking on a new Hyper-V host. Several scripts are included with appropriate presets for different uses.

Why Your Hyper-V PowerShell Commands Don’t Work (and how to fix them)

14 Sep 2017 by Eric Siron1

Hyper-V's PowerShell cmdlets don't always work -- broken commands don't always display an error message either. Learn why this occurs and how to avoid it.

How to Patch Hyper-V virtual machines through PowerShell Direct

06 Jun 2017 by Richard Siddaway0

PowerShell Direct allows you to patch your Hyper-V VMs in two ways. Here's exactly what you need to get the most out of automating this process.

PowerShell Script: Change Advanced Settings of Hyper-V Virtual Machines

27 Apr 2017 by Eric Siron4

  Each Hyper-V virtual machine sports a number of settings that can be changed, but not by any sanctioned GUI tools. If you’re familiar with WMI, these properties are part...

Undocumented Changes to Hyper-V 2016 WMI

13 Apr 2017 by Eric Siron0

WMI is an external interface for Hyper-V - it is an open API framework with standardized interfaces intended for usage in management systems.

Introduction to PowerShell Direct

06 Dec 2016 by Richard Siddaway1

Run PowerShell code against a VM from your Hyper-V host with PowerShell Direct, a new feature in Windows Server 2016. No networking required!

How to Install the Hyper-V PowerShell Module

01 Nov 2016 by Eric Siron2

PowerShell gives you the best combination of power and simplicity when managing Hyper-V. Use this guide to install the PowerShell Module on Hyper-V.

The Ultimate Guide to Hyper-V Remote Management with PowerShell

18 Oct 2016 by Eric Siron6

PowerShell Remoting lets you manage your Hyper-V environment using a great command-line interface that provides you better options than a GUI ever can. Here's how.

PowerShell Script: Deploy VMs, and Configure the Guest OS in one Go on Hyper-V

20 Sep 2016 by Andy Syrewicze8

I've been prepping for a lot of different speaking engagements coming up in the next few months and a very hot topic these days is the use of PowerShell and...

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