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An Introduction to the Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Concept and Azure Stack

12 Jun 2018 by Markus Klein

Cloud services are everywhere and it can be hard to know where to start. This intro guide gives you an overview on what's to offer from the Hybrid option.

Sneak peek: Windows Server 2019 Insider Preview Build 17666

24 May 2018 by Eric Siron

A synopsis of the new features introduced in Windows Server 2019 Insider Build 17666 and their expected impacts. Is WS2019 shaping up to be a HUGE step??

Hyper-V Quick Tip: How Many Cluster Networks Should I Use?

25 Apr 2018 by Eric Siron

A quick guide to architecting the optimal number of networks for your Hyper-V clusters

How to Choose the Right Deployment Strategy

10 Apr 2018 by Eric Siron

When it comes to computing, we always have another way. Sometimes, we have so many ways that you can become paralyzed with indecision. This article gives some clear guidelines for...

Windows Server 2019 Preview: What’s New and What’s Cool

27 Mar 2018 by Eric Siron

Introducing the newly-announced Windows Server 2019 public preview. Covers the new features and includes a discussion on their impact. Should you be excited or worried about the next installment of...

[VIDEO] Hyper-V Masterclass – Debunking Virtual Domain Controller Myths

13 Mar 2018 by Eric Siron

Should Hyper-V be in the domain? Can Hyper-V host its own domain controller? Eric Siron confronts some potentially crippling myths about Hyper-V and domain controllers in this video and also...

How to Configure a File Share Witness for a Hyper-V Cluster

27 Feb 2018 by Eric Siron

Traditionally, the preferred choice for a cluster quorum witness has been some type of networked disk. Small SAN LUNs do the trick nicely. Things have changed a bit, increasing the...

Fixing Erratic Behavior on Hyper-V with Network Load Balancers

30 Jan 2018 by Eric Siron

If you're using Hyper-V with a third-party network load balancer and have network-related problems Eric's compiled all the reasons why and how to solve them

The Complete Guide to Hyper-V 2016 Integration Services

28 Sep 2017 by Eric Siron

Everything you need to know about managing integration services in Hyper-V 2016 inc. installation, updates, compatibility, backups, guest services, & more

Hyper-V 2016 Host Mode: GUI vs Core

26 Sep 2017 by Eric Siron

Trying to decide between using Hyper-V in a GUI or in Core mode? Find out how to reason through the choices in this article with pros and cons of each

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