How to Perform Hyper-V Storage Migration

11 Oct 2017 by Eric Siron2

Learn how and when to carry out Storage Migration for Hyper-V virtual machines. Includes PowerShell script for mass-moving VMs.

Why Expansion for Hyper-V’s Dynamic VHDX Doesn’t Matter

23 May 2017 by Eric Siron1

There's rarely a valid excuse for not using dynamically expanding VHDX. Here's how fixed vs dynamically expanding VHDX compares in reality.

Hyper-V Differencing Disks Explained

07 Feb 2017 by Eric Siron0

Differencing disks contain block data that represents changes to a parent virtual hard disk, check out this comprehensive guide if you're running Hyper-V!

Disk Fragmentation is not Hyper-V’s Enemy

26 Jan 2017 by Eric Siron9

How does Disk Fragmentation really affect your Hyper-V infrastructure? Check out this article to understand the problem with fragmentation.

Cannot Delete a Virtual Hard Disk from a Cluster Shared Volume

15 Nov 2016 by Eric Siron2

Having trouble deleting virtual hard disks left behind when you delete a virtual machine? Eric has a simple fix that will help you delete a VHD from a clustered shared...

Evaluating Hyper-V Backup Storage Solutions

20 Oct 2016 by Eric Siron0

The first step is determining your storage requirements. Here are the things you need to know before choosing your preferred Hyper-V Backup Storage.

Understanding and Working with VHD(X) Files

04 Aug 2016 by Eric Siron12

VHD(X) is your Hypervisors virtual hard disk. Get to grips with how it works, and how you can get the best out of your Hyper-V infrastructure.

How To Copy or Backup a VHD File While the VM is Running

12 Jul 2016 by Eric Siron11

Ideally when backing up and copying a VHD from a running VM you use your backup software, but you can also export the VM or copy the file manually.

Hyper-V How To: Access the Properties of a Virtual Disk

17 Jun 2016 by Eric Siron0

Learn how to Access the Properties of a Virtual Disk in Hyper-V. Get detailed data by digging deeper than Windows Explorer, using Hyper-V Manager.

Hyper-V How To: Create a Virtual Hard Disk

10 May 2016 by Eric Siron0

Creating a new virtual hard disk is done with the creation of a VM. Get started with Hyper-V Manager's complete management system for Virtual hard Disks.

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