Hyper-V 2016 Shielded Virtual Machines on Stand-Alone Hosts

07 Mar 2017 by Eric Siron

Shielded Virtual Machines are a great new feature in Hyper-V 2016 - set them up properly on stand-alone hosts using this guide to protect against tampering.

Yes, Your Hyper-V Host Should be Domain-Joined

25 Feb 2016 by Eric Siron

Eric's new post describes why you should have a Domain-Joined Hyper-V Host, rather than placing Hyper-V hosts in workgroup-mode. Find out the benefits of the Domain and Hyper-V.

4 Reasons Your Hyper-V Host Should Only Run the Hyper-V Role

25 Feb 2014 by Andy Syrewicze

As IT Pros we’re often told to “Be flexible” and to “Do more with less”. Nothing is more true than when we’re talking about hardware, software licensing and the placement...

7 Keys to Hyper-V Security

11 Feb 2014 by Eric Siron

For most small institutions, securing Hyper-V is often just a matter of just letting domain admins control the hypervisor. This post will examine ways you can harden your Hyper-V deployment...

7 Reasons not to Make Hyper-V a Domain Controller

23 Jan 2014 by Eric Siron

With the responses to our article series on virtualized domain controllers, it seemed natural to tackle another related topic. Unfortunately, it’s a little too common for administrators to try to...

Hyper-V and Workgroups Part 3

07 Feb 2013 by Eric Siron

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at some of the technical steps required to operate and manage Hyper-V in a workgroup environment. In Part 2, I provided responses...

Hyper-V and Workgroups Part 2

30 Jan 2013 by Eric Siron

In the first post on Hyper-V and Workgroups, we went over the how-tos of running Hyper-V in a workgroup environment. This part will serve as the first of two opinion...

Hyper-V and Workgroups Part 1

28 Jan 2013 by Eric Siron

Normally, I always talk about Hyper-V as though it were in a domain environment. Part of this is simply a matter of me staying within my comfort zone. I’ve only...