Author: Jeffery Hicks

    Top 5 PowerShell Hacks for Hyper-V

    08 May 2018by Jeffery Hicks

    Get the most of Hyper-V by using PowerShell. These 5 PowerShell hacks will take your Hyper-V game to the next level.

    Restoring Virtual Machine Creation Time

    21 Oct 2014by Jeffery Hicks

    When using PowerShell to build reports about your virtual infrastructure, have you run into situations where you run a command like this: get-vm -ComputerName chi-hvr2 | sort CreationTime | Select name,creationtime Only to end up with output like this

    Get Virtual Machine Last On and Off Time

    17 Sep 2014by Jeffery Hicks

    In the past I’ve written about how to identify old or obsolete virtual machines based on the time stamp of the associated VHD or VHDX file. The PowerShell techniques in that script get the job done and there’s

    Customizing a Generation 2 VHDX

    24 Jun 2014by Jeffery Hicks

    In a previous article I demonstrated how to create a VHDX file that you could use when creating a Generation 2 Hyper-V virtual machine. If you recall, part of the process

    Creating a Generation 2 Disk with PowerShell

    05 Jun 2014by Jeffery Hicks

      When Windows Server 2012 R2 hit the datacenter, and with it a new version of Microsoft Hyper-V, it offered the option to create a new kind of virtual machine. These “Gen 2”, or generation 2, virtual machines These VMs

    A PowerShell Based Hyper-V Health Report

    28 Jan 2014by Jeffery Hicks

      Over the course of the last year I’ve written a great deal about managing Hyper-V with Windows PowerShell. If you haven’t started tinkering with PowerShell to see what it can do for you, take a look at my

    Monitoring Hyper-V Operational and Admin Event Logs with PowerShell

    18 Dec 2013by Jeffery Hicks

    There is a lot that can happen to your Hyper-V server and fortunately most of these events, both good and bad, are recorded in the Windows event log. But monitoring these events can be a tedious process, especially if

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