3 Tools for Automating Deployments in the Hybrid Cloud [Video]

Automating deployments has quickly become the norm for IT professionals servicing most organizations from small-scale up. But automation can go far beyond just deploying VMs. It is used to configure Active Directory inside a VM, File Services, DNS, etc. automatically providing a boost to productivity, accuracy and workload management.

Earlier this year I had the privilege of speaking for the MVP Days Virtual Conference. For those that aren’t aware, the MVP Days Virtual Conference is a monthly event hosted by Dave and Cristal Kawula showcasing the skills and know-how of individuals in the Microsoft MVP Program. The idea being that Microsoft MVPs are a great resource of knowledge for IT Pros, and this virtual conference gives them a platform to share that knowledge on a monthly basis.

The following video is a recording of my presentation “3 Tools for Automating Deployments in the Era of the Modern Hybrid Cloud”.

Deployments in the Hybrid Cloud

Workloads and IT Infrastructures are becoming more complex and spread out than ever. It used to be that IT Pros had little to worry about outside the confines of their network, but those days are long over. Today a new workload is just as likely to be successfully residing in the public cloud as it is on premises. Cloud computing technologies like Microsoft Azure have provided a number of capabilities to IT Pros that were previously unheard of in all but the most complex enterprise datacenters. The purview of the IT Pro no longer stops within the 4 walls of his/her network but wherever the workload lives at a given time.

With these new innovations and technologies comes the ability to mass deploy applications and services either on-premises or in the public cloud in a very easy way, but what happens when you need to automate the deployment of workloads and services that stretch from on-premises to the public cloud? Many IT Pros struggle to automate deployments that stretch across those boundaries for a true hybrid cloud deployment.

In this demo-heavy session, you’ll discover a number of tools to assist you with your deployment operations. Learn:

  • How PowerShell ties-together and executes your deployment strategy end-to-end
  • How PowerShell Direct is used on-premises with Hyper-V to automate more than ever before
  • How Azure IaaS is used to effortlessly extend your automated deployments to the cloud

The Video: 3 Tools for Automating Deployments in the Era of the Modern Hybrid Cloud

Thoughts? Comments?

Be sure to share your thoughts on the session with us in the comments section below! I’m especially interested if there are any 3rd party tools or other methods you’ve used in these kinds of deployment situations. I’d also like to hear about any challenges you’ve encountered in doing operations like this. We’ll be sure to take that info and put together some relevant posts to assist.

Thanks for watching!

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