While we at Altaro always try to keep you all up to date on the latest dealings in the world of Hyper-V and Microsoft virtualization, sometimes there is such a wealth of information released or a large group of product releases that at times it just helps to get it all out there!

Therefore, I’ve prepped 10 useful links below that I hope you will find useful in your IT adventures!

1. The Differences Between Windows Containers and Hyper-V Containers in Windows Server 2016 – This is a hot topic right now. Containers were announced at Microsoft Ignite back in May, but did you know there are going to be TWO different types of containers? There will be Windows Containers which will isolate applications whilst sharing the underlying kernel, but if you require further application isolation you can utilize Hyper-V Containers. Cool Stuff!

2. Why Does Hyper-V Have Network Issues with 1 GbE NICs? – This one is written by fellow Hyper-V MVP Aidan Finn over on the Petri IT Knowledgebase. As someone who works with Hyper-V every day, I completely feel Aidan’s pain on this one. The article mainly centers around the fact that having VMQ enabled on certain NICs will cause all sorts of network weirdness. The problem mainly lies in the hands of hardware vendors that refuse to create VMQ-Friendly device drivers and continue to RE-enable the feature with each driver update. If you’re not aware of this conundrum, check out this article.

3. List of Currently Available Hotfixes for the File Services Technologies in Windows – I Stumbled across this one the other day, and instantly said to myself $KACHING$! While this isn’t hard hitting tech news or a major product announcement, I’ve found myself working on some sort of Windows Storage issue several times and thought to myself, “gee…  I wish there was a list of all the available hot-fixes for this and a list of what is fixed”. Search no more! Even if you don’t need this list right now, book mark it anyway, as you may need it someday in the future and it is a good reference to have.

4. Hyper-V in the Real World – Virtualization Review – Found this one in my twitter feed the other day. It’s more of a general planning guide to Hyper-V deployments, but I found it is very well written and would be a good read for anyone just starting to get into Hyper-V and the Microsoft virtualization space.

5. KB: How to re-associate orphaned VMs with a service instance or VM role in VMM – For those that have run into this issue, it’s a royal pain in the rear end. There were cases where if you had to remove and re-add a host to VMM, certain VMs could become orphaned from a service instance or VM role. With the latest Update Rollup for VMM, you are now able to re-associate them! That leads me into our next link!

6. Update Rollup 7 for System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager is Now Available – Not a huge announcement by any means, but if you are utilizing VMM inside of your environment, there are some nice fixes detailed in the link. My personal favorite is the link listed above this one.

7. Hyper-V Storage QoS in Windows Server 2016 Works on SOFS and on LUNs/CSVs – This post was done by fellow Hyper-V MVP Didier Van Hoye on his blog Working Hard in IT. Didier does an excellent job keeping the community up to date on all the storage developments in the Microsoft world and certainly doesn’t disappointed with this post. It’s certainly worth a read and covers some of the exciting QoS developments contained in the upcoming Windows Server release.

8. Storage Spaces FAQ – I’m not really sure if there was just something in the water these last couple weeks or if parts of the world just opened their eyes and realized how AWESOME Microsoft’s Storage Spaces technology is. I had a lot of questions about the technology and how it works in certain cases. So, I figured linking the official FAQ off of Technet wouldn’t be a bad idea. Happy reading!

9. How to Create a Cluster in a Restrictive Active Directory Environment – Clustering – Speaking of questions I get all the time….  I hear about this topic quite frequently from administrators that work in highly restrictive environments such as the defense industry or industries with very stringent compliance requirements. Establishing a cluster in an environment where AD is really locked down can be difficult, but this howto should help.

10. Windows 10 Launch – I couldn’t bring myself to leave this one out. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last several weeks you’ve heard that Windows 10 is officially available. I’ve been running it ever since the technical preview went live some time ago, and I must say, it is my favorite OS to date. Very stable and functional interface. It also continues the trend of including Client Hyper-V for virtualizing workloads on the workstation should the need arise.

Well that wraps it up for us! Stay tuned for more Hyper-V goodness and I hope you’ve enjoyed your time reading!