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Ben Armstrong
AMA on Containers

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Think containers are just for developers? Think again. Containers have recently gained massive industry adoption and many IT pros are now being asked to support this new disruptive technology. Are you in the know?

In this special webinar, the co-creator of Hyper-V, Microsoft’s very own Ben Armstrong answers the burning questions from the IT industry about containers in the Microsoft ecosystem.

The discussion will include:

  • Industry adoption of containers
  • Container and micro-services examples
  • Best practices for deployment
  • The future of containers

Designed for the next generation of IT workloads, containers enable a fast and reliable virtualization of individual applications. More lightweight than VMs, whilst delivering similar benefits, containers were historically confined to developers but are now an essential part of the modern day IT professional toolbox.

This webinar is a rare chance to find out directly from Ben Armstrong how you can use containers to enhance your virtual deployments by drawing on his special insights from the inner workings of Microsoft and over 20 years of experience developing operating systems and virtualization platforms. Learn about the next revolution in virtualization from behind the scenes at Microsoft!

Meet the Speaker

Ben Author Photo

Ben Armstrong


Principal Program Manager Lead on the core virtualization team at Microsoft

Ben Armstrong is a Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft with around 20 years of experience working with operating systems and virtualization. He has worked on Hyper-V, the Windows Subsystem for Linux, Windows Defender Application Guard, and many other technologies. He regularly engages with the wider IT community and blogs at american-boffin.com

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