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The SysAdmin's Guide to

Azure Infrastructure as a Service

By Paul Schnackenburg

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With the shift in the computing paradigm to the cloud, the Azure ecosystem is quickly becoming a critical platform for IT pros to grasp and adopt. But how do you make the leap while maintaining security, manageability, and cost-control?

Whether you’re making new VMs directly in the cloud, have VMs in your own datacenter and are looking to migrate to Azure, or you’re looking to manage VMs with cloud-based tools regardless of where they live, The SysAdmin Guide to Azure Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) will teach you to set up and maintain a high-performing Azure IaaS environment.

Written, and now updated, by Paul Schnackenburg, veteran IT consultant and trainer, this free 100+ page guide covers:

  • VM sizing and deployment
  • Migration
  • Storage and networking
  • Security and identity
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Back up and replication
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Arc
  • Automanage
  • and more!

Given the speed of change in the cloud, this eBook covers the why (as well as the how) so that as features and interfaces are updated, you’ll know how to proceed. This second edition also has two new chapters, Automanage (Chapter 11) and Azure Arc (Chapter 12), which have been added to bring a lot of automation and cloud-based management to Azure IaaS, all lessening the burden on your time.

Migrating to the cloud no longer seems a question of if, but when. Make the cloud work for you. Download your free copy today!

About the Author

Paul Schnackenburg

IT Consultant and Trainer

Paul Schnackenburg started in IT when DOS and 286 processors were the cutting edge. He works part time as an IT teacher at a Microsoft IT Academy. He also runs Expert IT Solutions, a small business IT consultancy on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Paul writes in-depth technical articles, focused on Hyper-V, System Center, private and hybrid cloud and Office 365 and Azure public cloud technologies. He has MCSE, MCSA, MCT certifications.