It's been all about YOU since Day 1

When Altaro was founded in 2009, two things were clear: we were going to be a backup company and we were going to be customer-centric.
Customer needs have in fact directed the ethos here at Altaro since Day 1. This is also true of our relationship with the Partner community, that we have cultivated over the years.

Altaro develops its solutions from scratch to satisfy specific issues
faced by organizations like yours, with focus on delivering:

  • Reliablity - does what it says on the tin and does it well
  • Ease of use - quick to get up and running and simple to maintain
  • No unnecessary bells and whistles - that add cost and complexity
  • Cost-effectiveness - no bloated pricing or hidden costs
  • Support - a team of fast-responding experts to lean on in times of trouble

Altaro takes the headache and hassle out of backup management, and provides robust solutions for the evolving needs of business and organizations the world over.

Your feedback

We love the fact that our customers can count on us and that they've done so through the years. It's
something we continue to nurture every day.

Your input is valuable so that we can continue tailoring our offerings to meet your needs, and our CEO, David Vella, welcomes your
feedback - Click here to email him directly.

Meanwhile, here's what our customers are saying about us: