New Altaro Webinar: Ransomware!

09 Aug 2016 by Altaro Software     0

    Ransomware has grown into one of the bigger threats an IT organization faces nowadays. Although a lot has been said on how best to deal with it, it’s never really the full picture. A lot of sysadmins out there who’ve had to deal with cleaning up the mess from a ransomware related incident know what a nightmare it can turn out to be. Don’t be a victim yourself! Whether you’re looking to learn some additional protection techniques, or your learning about Ransomware for the first time, we’ve got a great webinar coming up for you! Join Andy Syrewicze from Altaro Software and Luke Orellana (an experienced ransomware warrior) from Trivalent Group Inc. as they take you through the basics, recognising an infection, mitigation strategies and real-life case studies of how ransomware incidents were tackled. And, as always, we open up the floor for Q&A! Come equip yourself with… Read More»


Live Webinar: What’s new in Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V

31 May 2016 by Altaro Software     6

  Windows Server 2016’s release is fast approaching, bringing about with it a host of changes to Hyper-V. Join two Microsoft Cloud & Datacenter Management MVPs, Andy Syrewicze and Aidan Finn, as they discuss the features of the next version of Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V. Learn all about what’s interesting, and what you need to start doing some research on, in order to be prepared when it’s time to upgrade to Windows Server 2016. Tune in to the webinar on Tuesday 14th June, 2016 at 4PM CEST/10AM EDT by clicking on the registration button below to reserve your seat! During the webinar you can also ask any questions that you might have, and either Andy or Aidan will answer your questions towards the Q&A section which takes place at the end of the session. We will also be posting a Q&A article later on which answers all the questions you… Read More»


New eBook: Hyper-V First Aid Kit

24 May 2016 by Altaro Software     0

    How much do you enjoy Googling for a solution when something breaks in your live Hyper-V environment? No matter how stable your infrastructures are, it’s inevitable that you’ll encounter errors. We thought it would be handy for you to have a go-to resource for a number of common issues and their solutions, to save you time and hassle when you’re having a bad day. Here it is, our latest eBook, fresh off the press: “A Hyper-V First Aid Kit: Troubleshooting 5 Common Issues” In the eBook, Brien Posey covers how to troubleshoot and fix various issues related to: Storage Permissions Live migration failure Backup High Availability Any time you encounter any issues with your infrastructure just open up our Hyper-V First Aid kit, and easily diagnose what your problem is. Let us know what you think! We hope that you find the Hyper-V First Aid Kit helpful when… Read More»


New eBook: Supercharging Hyper-V Performance

15 Mar 2016 by Altaro Software     0

We have a Free eBook for you! Supercharge your Hyper-V Performance by following the guided eBook prepared by Paul Schnackenburg. You will find a guide to identify any issues with your existing setup, learn how to use Windows Performance Monitor and PAL, and correctly plan hosts, VMs, Storage, Networking and Management components within your Hyper-V infrastructure. The guide is optimized for administrators who are resource strapped, get the best out of your existing system and download the eBook now!